“Is it possible to market yourself online without owning a website?” is a question that has been popping up recently across the Internet and the answer is…


Why? How? Surely there must be some mistake!

No. No mistake. Online marketing is possible without a website in the 21st Century because of the huge viral power of Social Media Networking.

Linking up to sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Digg gives the online marketer a lot more scope for successfully engaging people in the products, business or service that they are promoting. As long as there is always a way in which someone can contact you (a telephone number, email address or even home address) and if the online marketing campaign is good enough, Social Media Networking can create a strong enough buzz to help businesses grow healthily.

For example, imagine that you are creating a new business and you are selling certain products from your home on a made-to-order basis. If you don’t have a website, the only way in which a huge number of people have the chance of finding out about your product is through Social Media.

A possible online marketing plan as a social networker would generally include:

1. signing-up and generating profiles on sites such as Digg, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
posting, tweeting and commenting regularly on these sites (regularly meaning ALL DAY if possible)
2. generating a sense of online community spirit

If you are consistent in your online marketing through social media networking, you will reap the benefits of increased trade as it starts to hammer down your door without the need of a website.

The important thing to remember with Social Media Networking is that you have to be dedicated to this form of online marketing. You must be online every day and you must be active. Your activity shouldn’t just be self-centered either. Social Media is just that… “social.” It is not just a way for people to sell things. It is a place for people to “share” information and to offer or receive advice.

Social Media Networkers are looking for more than a straight-forward advertiser and therefore you really do have to work at building an online profile that people find interesting; one that they want to follow and then suggest to their friends.

This is VERY important. If you can manage to capture interest, half of your online marketing work is done. In terms of making your social media efforts effective, a little more further tweaking might be needed. Read the article about prepping your content for social media networking so that you can enjoy further success through this form of online marketing.