White Label AdWords Management – Earn 15% Referral Fees Forever On The Clients You Don’t Want! 

Webrageous is excited to announce our 15% referral reward for anyone who refers a new Google Ads management client.  We can handle either straight referrals or white (private) labeling. Some of our competitors only offer 10%.  We pay you a more generous cut of revenues for your AdWords management referrals, even for white label services.

Here are the top reasons to refer your PPC clients to Webrageous:

  • 15% Commission! That’s typically about $2000 in 1 year.
  • We can handle sales (referrals only not white label), just send us your leads!
  • Ability to mark up our prices to earn higher commissions
  • In business since 2001 and managing paid search since 2004.
  • Your reputation is on the line when you refer out work. Our reputation is stellar: A+ BBB rating, many 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp
  • Low account load of 20 or fewer accounts per account manager
  • Most  account managers have over 10 years experience  
  • Eliminate recruitment expenses and HR headaches
  • We can also upcharge these management fees, allowing you to earn even more!

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Hear What One of Our Referral Partners Has To Say About Webrageous

Lior Krolewicz with Yael Consulting:

If you focus on web design, social media, or  anything other than paid search then just send us all of your PPC clients.  But let’s say you run a PPC agency. Every agency has accounts it doesn’t want. Here are some examples of the clients you might refer us:

  • Complicated accounts –  maybe you moonlight in PPC  but want to avoid the difficult accounts. Send those to us! That’s where we excel.
  • Difficult clients – tired of that jerk or jerkette? Send them our way!
  • Smaller accounts –  some agencies only take on accounts with spending over $10,000 per month.  we help law firms starting at $2000 per month plus the management fee,  and other accounts starting at about $3000 or $4000 per month in ad spend.
  • International clients – some agencies don’t want to deal with  overseas clients.  Let us handle them!
  • Legal accounts –  some agencies hate lawyers.  We love them! these are some of our best clients.
  • E-commerce or lead gen – some agencies only handle e-commerce and others focus just on lead generation. We handle both.



We are strong in both lead generation and e-commerce.  We specialize in managing accounts in excess of $2,000 per month for  attorneys and about $3,000+ for everyone else. Interested?  Schedule a call Or give us a call now at 855-945-1596.  We will put together a referral structure and revenue share agreement that helps both of us succeed together!

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