For about a decade Webrageous has offered PPC management as its only service. Our many happy PPC clients have asked us for years if we can help them with natural search optimization (SEO). We are now proud to offer this service and are excited about the results we have delivered for our first new SEO clients.

SEO Results We Have Delivered

SEO results Webrageous has delivered for one of our clients
In the graph above you can see the dramatic increase in natural search results for one of our clients. This website was only launched in the fall of 2013 and these are results from the summer of 2014. While the client is very happy with the results from PPC, the return on investment that this client is seeing from natural search is significantly higher than the return on investment they are seeing from PPC.

Webrageous Doesn’t Advertise With PPC

Surprising, right? A PPC firm that really only uses SEO for advertising. How did you hear about Webrageous? Probably via natural search, right? And that should be proof enough that we can deliver great SEO results. With the exception of remarketing, we don’t use PPC. Competing against thousands of other agencies across the world for a top search engine result is hard! These are industry insiders that (should) know SEO. But you have found us and we can help potential clients find you just as easily.

Don’t Hire An SEO Schmuck

Unfortunately the online marketing industry is full of charlatans. It is an embarrassment to the industry that a high percentage of the companies in this industry are incompetent. Hiring a reputable agency is critical. PPC offers instant results and you will know within a month or two if you have made the right choice when you hire an agency to manage PPC. But with SEO it takes months to deliver results so you won’t know for quite a while if you have made the right choice. Even industry insiders who have been in the business for a decade have a hard time figuring out who really knows what they are doing. There are some really great salespeople in this industry. But very few people can deliver results. Choose wisely!

The Time Is Now To Diversify

It is getting harder to be successful with PPC and so we encourage all clients to diversify. Before the big transition to mobile search was under way there were approximately 11 paid ads for each desktop search on Google’s Matt Cutts has predicted that the number of mobile search may surpass desktop searches by the end of 2014. The problem is that there are only one or two ads on a mobile search result page.

Don’t Become Roadkill

What happens when 11 companies that used to show up on a desktop search decide to compete aggressively for those 1-2 paid spots on a mobile search? The answer is simple: Carnage! Things are going to get ugly and there are going to be a few winners and lots of losers with PPC. We can help make sure you are one of the winners with PPC but the time is now to diversify and supercharge your SEO results.