5 Reasons to Get Pay Per Click Call Tracking

It doesn’t matter if you have a very small business without a website, which only serves a very local community of stamp collectors. Nor does it matter if you are a multi-national corporation working in cosmetic surgery for the celebs. Every business in the US should be making use of a Pay Per Click Call Tracking feature and Webrageous Studios is happy to provide that service

But first, why does a business need a Call Tracking service?

Is My Money Well Spent on Online Advertising?
If you are a company that spends money on online advertising, like PPC, how do you know that your advertising money is well spent?

The immediate answer is to use Google Analytics and lots of PPC Management Tools to check which keywords are working and which advertisements have good CTRs. However, what about the customer who calls you? Why did they call? Which advertisement did they click on? Which landing page convinced them to call you and did they call the first time they saw your advertisement or did it take them a few repeat visits before they were convinced?

Pay Per Click Call Tracking can give you the answers to these questions.

I Don’t Advertise Online and I Don’t Have a Website
It doesn’t matter if you do not actively advertise online. Nor does it matter if you don’t have a website for your business. You still need to have a call tracking feature installed if you receive telephone calls.


To find out where those telephone customers are coming from in the first place. Is someone writing good things about you on third party sites and blogs on the Internet? If they are, you should know about it, shouldn’t you?

Why Do They Call? Why Don’t They Fill in the Contact Form Online?
Have you ever wondered why that beautiful contact form that took such a long time to develop and perfect is simply not working? Why are they not filling out your forms? Why are they calling you instead?

Call Tracking can help with this too. Your call tracking service will record the phone calls that come in as a result of online advertising and then you can review that conversation time and time again in order to deduce what drove that customer to call.

Toll Free Numbers
Call Tracking works by using toll free numbers which is equally as beneficial if you are expecting to receive calls from overseas or whether you are wanting to attract those customers who live locally and want to do business locally too.

You can charge your customers less and you can choose the telephone numbers that you want your customers to see. Therefore, for international clients you can choose a number that will charge them a reasonable rate for their call and for your local customers you can use a local looking number which will make them feel better about doing business with you, knowing that you are a local business.

If you are then interested in what Webrageous could do for your company, contact us without delay.