The Google Natural Search Results are FREE listings on Google that appear when someone enters a search term or keyword in the search box. All websites listed in these search results are listed for free. So why pay out for Pay Per Click Advertising via Google AdWords in order to improve your Google ranking on the natural, FREE search listings page?

It doesn’t make sense to pay for something that you could be getting for free, right?


Investing just a little of your advertising budget in Pay Per Click Advertising can really help to improve your Google ranking on natural search with immediate effect and when you have both natural and paid search listings featuring high on the Google results page, you know that you have a much better chance at online advertising success.

The Google organic results might well be free search listings that Google gathers from the Internet without payment and for the good of everyone, but you are able to optimize the information that Google finds about you to a higher degree if you are running a Pay Per Click Campaign too.

It is possible to improve your Google rank via natural search with the data that come from your Pay Per Click Campaign and any kind of influence in your favor can only ever be a good thing, right?

So, if Webrageous Studios were to be put in charge of your PPC Advertising, what would we do to ensure that your Pay Per Click Advertising was having a positive effect on your natural search listings too? How would we help you to improve your Google ranking on the natural search listings via your Campaigns? Read on and we will explain…

Use Pay Per Click Keyword Data to Improve Google Ranking on the Organic Results Page

If you run an AdWords Campaign, you can utilize all of the data that you collect about keywords to inform the decisions that you make with content you develop for your site for Organic Listings purposes. In this way your natural Google ranking position will improve.

The one thing that PPC gives us better than natural search, is DATA.

If you are running Campaigns, you know which keywords are generating a high click through rate, you know which keywords are creating conversions and you know which keywords are highly competitive thanks to the bidding auctions. Your Google ranking in the organic search results will improve if you can choose keywords better.

Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is another way in which Pay Per Click can help you in your Google ranking quest for the number one spot on the organic search listings. This Pay Per Click Tool provides information on what keywords are used in searches the most, globally and locally, and it can help to prioritize which keywords you should be promoting in your website content for organic search engine optimization purposes.

The analysis of Pay Per Click keywords is one of the best ways of increasing Google ranking on the natural search results page and one of the quickest ways too.

Copy Pay Per Click Advertisement Text to Improve Google Ranking on Natural Search Results

Each organic Google search listing is made up of the following components:

  1. Title
  2. Outline of content (taken by Google from the meta description, usually)
  3. URL

Every single paid search advertisement in Google AdWords is constructed with the following components:

  1. Advertisement title
  2. Advertisement body text
  3. Landing page URL

The formats of both listings are pretty much identical, even though they are generated in different ways. Therefore, if you want to improve your Google ranking on the natural search, use the formats of your best, most successful, most efficient  advertisements as a way of informing the way in which you organize the organic content on your website.

Use one of your best advertisement titles as one of the meta titles for your best online article or page. Then use your advertisement text as the meta description content for that article/page and link that article to the corresponding landing page used in your pay per click advertising campaign too. (More on landing page use below).

Your Google ranking will improve because you will be using information and data from tried and tested advertisements that you already know generate lots of traffic and convert well.

Utilize Pay Per Click Landing Pages to Improve Your Google Rank of your Organic Listings

If you know, by analyzing the data from your PPC Campaign, that a particular landing page converts well in paid search, why not use the style and approach of that page to improve your Google ranking on the natural search listings too?

Create content for your organic search listings that visually replicates the landing pages that achieve great success in your Pay Per Click Campaigns and you will find that your Google ranking on the natural search results page will improve notably too and fast.

The idea is to use your paid Advertising as a way of measuring data that cannot be gathered from organic search listings on Google; at least, data that cannot be measured in the same way and to such a detailed / effective extent.

If you can decide on the style and delivery of your content for organic search listings via an analysis of your Pay Per Click Advertising data, you can be sure that your Google ranking on the natural search will rise.

For more information on how to start up an AdWords Campaign, if you don’t already have one, in order to improve your natural Google ranking position on the organic search page, contact Webrageous Studios, specialists in Pay Per Click Management via Google AdWords, today.