The Most Important Google AdWords Updates

Every Google AdWords PPC Manager and Advertiser needs to be aware of the updates that Google makes to its Google AdWords Program at all times. Take a look over the most important updates to the Google AdWords Services last year.

AdWords Editor Upgrades
PPC Managers working in Google AdWords use the AdWords Editor every day to do most of the major and minor things that they need to do for their individual campaigns. It is even possible to manage more than one Campaign at the same time thanks to the AdWords Editor design format.

However, are you up to date with the changes that Google made to the Editor last year? If not, take a little time to play around with your Editor interface until you feel better about the newest features available.

Enhanced CPC Bidding
The Enhanced CPC Bidding feature in Google AdWords will help you to predict the likelihood of a conversion and will therefore help you to choose what your maximum CPC should be based on these figures.

Bidding Management is notoriously one of the most difficult elements to run in a Google AdWords PPC Campaign and therefore the more help that you receive in this area the better. Google knows this and that is why the Enhanced CPC Bidding feature was developed. Do you know how to use it?

AdWords Campaign Experiments
Even when Campaigns are running well, there is always room for improvement. Unfortunately, every time you test a new theory and make a change to a PPC Campaign you are taking a risk with your budget and it could be costly for your advertiser if you make a mistake and are unable to repair the damage quickly enough.

Therefore, Google developed the AdWords Campaign Experiments Tool (ACE for short) which can be used to test sections of a campaign in a safe environment before actually launching those changes campaign-wide. This is an excellent way of optimizing your Campaigns without risk.

AdWords Extensions
Google spent last year developing sitelinks, product extensions, click to call extensions, and improved location extensions ideas for Google AdWords Advertisers.


Because these features allow the Advertiser to offer a more relevant landing page option to their potential customers and Google thinks it very important that the internet user’s experience is just as productive and positive as that of the actual AdWords advertiser.

Using Google AdWords’ various extension tools means that PPC Advertisers can better cater to their intended audiences.

Google Remarketing
One of the most impressive developments last year was the Google Remarketing Tool. When offline advertisers want to remind potential customers about their products they send out TV advertisements at the right times of day, they post things through letterboxes in the target geographical areas and someone wearing a sandwich board can chase you down the street, if the company should so wish.

Google Remarketing allows the online advertiser to “follow” the already interested potential customer around the Internet as they search other websites in a discreet but effective manner.

Subconsciously the potential customer is constantly reminded of a brand or product that they have already shown some interest in and eventual they are encouraged to return to the site to convert. Genius, Google!

New Features to the Google Analytics Reports
One of the most important elements of PPC Management is data analysis and optimization. Therefore, if you have not made yourself aware of the various developments and changes to the Google Analytics Reports feature for Google AdWords, you need to make yourself aware as soon as possible.

Get reading! You’ll find you have access to many more features in your account and a lot more data that can be compiled in a variety of new fashions.

Broad Match Modifier
Does a PPC Manager opt for Phrase Match Keywords or Broad Match Keywords? Does a PPC Manager use keywords that draw in lots of traffic which is, more often than not, full of poorly directed internet users who are not really interested in that company’s products or services? Or does a PPC Manager focus on a very small number of internet users who are very interested and will convert but won’t increase traffic numbers?

With the Broad Match Modifier, Google has given its AdWords  Advertisers a way of finding a happy medium. If you don’t know how to use the Broad Match Modifier, let that be a thing of the past today.

If you feel that we have left out any really important Google AdWords developments from last year in this post, do contact Webrageous Studios immediately and we will be happy to add to this post without delay.