How to Use the New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool for Google AdWords

The new Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool, called TenScores and developed by Chris Thunder, is one of the best new pay per click management tools to have come onto the market for general pay per click use recently.

This article will briefly explain the advantages of using the new Quality Google AdWords Score Tracking Tool in order to improve the effects of your online advertising efforts, the different features that are already in place and the new features of the tool that its creators hope to be able to make available to everyone within the coming months.

Advantages of Using the New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool

If you have a poor quality score with Google AdWords, your keywords are going to cost you more, your advertisements are not going to feature so highly on the Google SERP and this might result in a lower CTR, less traffic to your website and fewer conversions.

With this in mind it is very important to take care of your Google AdWords Quality Score and to aim to improve it at every given opportunity.

The problem is that the factors behind the calculation of your Google AdWords Campaign’s Quality Score remain, to some extent, a secret. Nobody really knows why their quality score goes up and down. Experienced pay per click managers can make informed decisions over time and patterns can be detected, but there is no official formula given to us by Google that teaches a pay per click manager how to achieve a high quality score.

Therefore, the only thing that can really be done is to monitor the quality score and make changes to your pay per click campaign when the quality score drops. If you can manage to maintain a high quality score, your advertising online will cost you less and you will probably achieve more conversions too thanks to being further up in the SERP.

This is why it is advantageous for every pay per click advertiser to monitor his/her quality score on a daily basis. The New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool has finally made this possible and it offers a number of different ways in which to analyze quality score.

Current Features of the New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool
The New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool is not yet complete. It functions, you can use it and the information that it can give you will be vital for a number of reasons, but it is not yet complete. (For a quick guide to the way in which the founders of this tool intend to further improve the tool’s features, see the section below in this article on Future Features).

So, what can you do at present with the New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool?

The tool enables you to access all historical data concerning each keyword’s quality score and how those  Keyword Quality Scores rise and fall daily. Therefore, if one of your most important keywords has a quality score of 8, but did previously, one week ago, have a quality score of 7, the pay per click manager will know that whatever changes were made to that campaign during the past week had some kind of negative effect on that particular keyword.

If this keyword is very important to your campaign and it generates a lot of traffic, the drop in quality score can be quite costly and therefore the New Quality Score Tracking Tool is highly important from a financial point of view. Monitoring these quality score changes means that you can spot negative developments quicker and in this way prevent keywords from costing you more money.

The only thing to note at present is that daily reports from your campaign need to be uploaded to the New Quality Score Tracking Tool manually. The tool is not yet connected to AdWords to enable all data to come through automatically and this can be a little time-consuming and tiring at present.

Having said that, the information that this data gives you is well worth the time it takes to upload, so just remember that thought whilst you start utilizing the New Quality Score Tracking Tool in its early stages and have faith in its creators. They are doing all they can to make improvements… read on to find out how!

Future Features of the New AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool

One of the first jobs on the list for Chris Thunder and his team is to get the New Quality Score Tracking Tool automatically linked up with Google AdWords itself. This is the primary goal and the next important step.

In the coming weeks pay per click managers will be able to monitor the keyword quality score fluctuations of entire accounts at the same time and the only thing they will have to do will be to log in. The need to upload reports to the tool in order to analyze them will be a thing of the past and all monitoring/optimization will be even easier.

The creators want to be able to link the New Quality Score Tracking Tool to Google AdWords Accounts to activate certain automated features such as email alerts that send notifications to pay per click advertisers as soon as keyword quality scores change.

It will be fantastic to have immediate alerts in real time for changes to quality score and within a few weeks the founders of TenScore might be able to bring us just that.

It is also hoped that quality score goals and achievements can be set by pay per click managers using the New Quality Score Tracking Tool so that they can track the progress of their campaigns in other ways. The ability to be able to track poor quality score back to poor landing page quality is one of the company’s immediate goals for instance. Quite exciting!

If you do take the plunge and begin utilizing the New Quality Score Tracking Tool, do let Webrageous know how things are going and how you feel about the powers of this new tool without delay.