Learn From The Experts: Increase Google AdWords Conversion Rates

How do you increase conversions? Who has the key? Who has the golden ticket? Who has the answer that we are all looking for?

What you are about to read in this article is by no means acting as THE complete and finished answer to conversion increase, but we do want to share a few insights into the subject of conversion increase from fellow experts in the Pay Per Click world.

When we say experts, we mean the people who, like you and our company, work with Google AdWords on a daily basis and have practical and personal insight into the workings of this online advertising network. We are referring to other Pay Per Click Managers, Advertisers, and Bloggers. We wanted to ask the people who use Google AdWords every day because we feel that it gives the best and most qualified response available.

So, over to the experts… How can we increase conversions through Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising?

Michael McManigal
Michael McManigal has developed his own website that can be used as an optimization resource. The users who log on to this website are able to track their Google AdWords Pay Per Click clicks. People can see who is clicking on their Advertisements and in this way understand what kind of advertisements are driving people towards their website more than others.
Michael McManigal’s Resource must undoubtedly have a direct knock on effect for learning how to analyze which of these clicks leads to a conversion. Michael McManigal’s website will give you insights into the internet user’s keyword search term, their IP address and the time and date when that person clicked on your advertisement. Take a look at his .
ClickEquations is an intelligent paid search platform for advertisers operating on a grand scale; big businesses with big budgets that need to make the lives of their Pay Per Click Managers a little easier. One of the most difficult things about Pay Per Click Management is keeping on top of the analysis and reporting; the monitoring of accounts can take a long time and this can detract away from any time spent on increasing conversions by making changes to the campaigns.
Therefore, ClickEquations provides the perfect way of taking the pressure off a little. Through this platform, Pay Per Click Managers can do all of their reporting in Excel, they can get updates at the touch of a button and they can schedule alerts that give notification when a budget is about to reach its cap, for instance. All of this saves a lot time normally spent on administration; time which is put to better use at being creative and experimenting with new ideas that will hopefully further increase conversions.
Ben Swartz, President of Marcel Media
Ben Swartz of Marcel Media has been using Acquisio to manage the company’s Paid Search Campaigns and he believes it to be a highly effective tool for increasing conversions. This is because as well as integrating Google AdWords with MSN AdCenter, everything to do with the campaigns can also be linked to Google Analytics too.
Thanks to this merging feature, anyone using the tool is able to view all relevant data across the board in one single screen view. This makes monitoring and optimizing much, much easier and quicker and further positive effects on conversion increase.
This tool allows the analysis and optimization of conversions without having to log into three or more different systems. Time is saved well. On top of this, the tool allows Ben Schwartz to provide attractive, informative insight-based reports for clients. Clients are informed about campaign development and conversion activity on a very consistent basis thanks to the use of this tool.
If you can think of other Pay Per Click ideas for improving conversion rate, do contact Webrageous Studios and tell us what you know. We would like to share your experience and knowledge with the rest of our readers.