Pay per click bid management is tricky. It is impossible to learn about how to bid effectively on a PPC campaign until you have had a lot of experience in the field and have put the “trial and error” method into practice for a few months at least.

Pay per click bid management is very detailed and complex. If handled incorrectly by the PPC Manager, the PPC client could well lose money because of a poor ROI. Therefore, the art of pay per click bid management must be given lots of attention if you wish to succeed in this arena.

For this reason, it is important to note that all keywords in any campaign should be analyzed at the same time before any decision about the pay per click bid management of any campaign is made.


Read on and allow Webrageous Studios to explain…

The most important reason for analyzing all keywords in a PPC Campaign, to improve the nature of your pay per click bid management, is that the whole picture is lost without a panoramic view of a campaign.

In simpler terms this means that just because one keyword seems to be doing well it does not means that all of the others are. Therefore, making pay per click bid management decisions based on the analysis of only one or a handful of keywords and their data would be foolish to say the least.

For example, imagine that you have three popular keywords in your campaign and for a number of months now these keywords have been bought for the same price. As these keywords have been doing so well, you decide to convince your PPC client to increase their CPC a little.

You then place this extra cash that’s available on a daily basis all onto one of these three effective keywords. The result is not as you had planned.

Instead of this extra cash giving you more of a chance at achieving a higher placed advertisement on the SERP, the real result of this pay per click bid management strategy is that the other two keywords that had also been doing well have suddenly begun to draw in less conversions.


Because the extra cash that you put solely onto that one keyword has triggered something in the Google network and now Google has begun to show the advertisement attached to that keyword more often. No attention is paid to the other two effective keywords in this pay per click bid management strategy and the result is that fewer conversions are achieved because the other two effective keywords are now not being shown as much by Google.

Also increasing keyword bids for broad match keywords could have you showing up for a lot of extra keyword phrases that you didn’t intend to show up for, thereby depleting your budget.

Simple to understand and yet a little tough to follow, this one!

Therefore, the advice that Webrageous Studios is giving today to all interested and professional PPC Managers is that when wanting to improve the way in which you bid within the Google AdWords pay per click bid management system, is to take the effects of all keywords into consideration at all times, without favoring one over the other.