All Google AdWords PPC Advertisers making use of the Content Network in Google AdWords and advertising via YouTube now have more control over their PPC Campaigns thanks to the improved features of the Video Targeting Tool.

Google AdWords has recently announced that PPC Advertisers will not only be able to set age restrictions on the videos that are associated with their PPC advertisements on the YouTube site, but they will now also be able to exclude certain videos or YouTube channels entirely from their PPC Campaigns, helping to further improve the quality and effectiveness of their PPC Management as a whole.

Why is it important for a PPC Advertiser to be able to exclude certain videos from YouTube and therefore from their PPC Campaigns?

Let’s take the following example…

Imagine that you are company which promotes health and fitness via the use of organic products: seeds, vitamins, oils and herbs, for example.

It would be going against the values of your company somewhat if your PPC advertisement suddenly began appearing on YouTube videos displaying images of people who take steroids in order to build up body mass and muscle at record timing speeds, for example.

Therefore, when using the Video Targeting Tool within the Google AdWords Content Network, all PPC Advertisers will now be able to exclude certain videos or entire YouTube channels from their PPC Campaigns and thus begin to optimize their PPC Campaigns even further.

If you advertise via the Google AdWords Content Network and have been utilizing the powers of YouTube in order to reach your audience, this newly added feature of the Video Targeting Tool would be highly useful to you. You should think about implementing it into your general PPC Campaign routine as soon as possible.