Using the AdWords Broad Match Modifier

The Broad Match Modifier is a feature of Google AdWords Paid Search Advertising developed by Google AdWords in order to improve the effectiveness of broad match keyword use and to cut advertising costs at the same time.

Success and costs are two elements of PPC Advertising that any advertiser would be interested in improving and therefore, if you haven’t used the Broad Match Modifier yet, read this article and find out how. You could be reaping the PPC advertising success and financial benefits of the feature within weeks.

The History of Broad Match Keywords

Before we continue, it is important to understand what a broad match keyword actually is according to Google AdWords. The following list includes a few facts about broad match keywords and Google AdWords in order to help us orientate ourselves a little better:

  • Broad match keywords can also generate relevant keyword variations for your PPC Campaign.
  • Broad Match keywords create long lists that provide other search ideas for exact match and phrase match keywords.
  • Broad Match keywords are heavily responsible for generating the data during growth phrases which can be highly useful for analysis purposes and optimization.
  • Broad Match keywords tend to increase impression share.
  • Broad Match keywords tend to spend a lot of the budget.
  • Broad Match keywords are generally less focused and prevent the PPC Advertiser from enjoying such control over their campaigns in comparison to other keyword types.


Broad Match Keywords in the Modern World

Google likes to move with the times and it makes sure that its PPC features move with the times too.

With this in mind, broad match keywords in this day and age can be manipulated further in order to iron out some of their problematic characteristics. There are some basic issues to contend with that are highlighted in the list above. In PPC today, these broad match keyword issues do not have to remain problematic.

The Broad Match Modifier is one tool that will help to iron out problematic issues within broad match keywords and it is a very simple tool to use.

How to Use the AdWords Broad Match Modifier

The Broad Match Modifier works by adding the + sign inside a broad match keyword. This + sign can help to make that broad match keyword more successful. Check out the following simple example of the Broad Match Modifier in action…

  • You have a broad match keyword for your business which happens to be “expensive flowers”
  • As the keyword is set up as a broad match keyword, Google AdWords also displays your advertisement when then internet user types in “expensive plants” which is not what you are offering.
  • In this instance, the placement of the Broad Match Modifier before the word that is the most important will highlight it. In this case, “expensive +flowers” would be a better choice of broad match keyword using the Broad Match Modifier feature.
  • The Broad Match Modifier when used like this will also ensure that similar searches like “costly plants” do not generate an impression of your advertisement either, because the section “flowers” has already been cited as the most important section of the broad match keyword, thanks to the Broad Match Modifier.

The really good news is that the Broad Match Modifier feature will also help to account for stemmings of keywords, mis-spellings (like “flowrs”), plurals, abbreviations and acronyms too. The Broad Match Modifier enables you to be more specific whilst remaining within the realm of the broad match keyword which is sometimes more effective overall for your PPC Campaign rather than working with exact and phrase match keywords.

You can also select websites to place your advertisements on via the Content Network and then use the Broad Match Modifier on top of that, which will only look for broad match keywords within the sites that you have highlighted.

So, if you have issues with your broad match keywords sucking away unnecessarily at your budget without ROI success, start implementing the Broad Match Modifier into parts of your campaign and start testing the effects of this Google AdWords feature today. It may well make the changes that you are need to make.