Holiday and Festive Online Marketing Tips

One of the best things about Online Marketing is the fact that you can tap into the holidays and festive periods that are celebrated throughout the world at the click of a mouse. If you market your business internationally using various Online Advertising Networks, including Pay Per Click Advertising for example, have you done any research into the holiday and festive periods of your target locations?

Perhaps it is something you should start looking into from today.


Imagine the extra interest and added traffic that you might get clicking on your advertisements because your online marketing campaign and your website/blog content is focusing on the “talk of the town” subjects in your target locations!

To not focus on important calendar dates in the target locations of your online marketing campaigns could be a serious faux pas. There will be increased traffic on national holidays for keywords associated with those dates and people who intend to celebrate might want to use the services that you provide or purchase the products that you sell.

Holidays and festivities provide the perfect opportunity to develop a peak in your Campaigns and it could be a lot of fun for you and your employees at the same time, working on creative marketing ideas for this period.

So what are some of the top national holidays and important calendar dates of note to factor in to your online marketing campaigns across the world?

Most of us are aware of the large festive holidays that are cross-continental such as Christmas and Easter, but what about those lesser known dates which could provide some opportunities for seasonal marketing online in your business’ target locations?

1. Argentina: El día de la Mujer, 8th March
If you have an international florist business and you provide services in Argentina, why not develop some content for your site and some Advertisements that specifically focus on El día de la Mujer (Woman’s Day) before the event actually arrives?

You could offer special online discount prices for people living in Argentina for this day or even free delivery for anywhere in the capital, Buenos Aires, for example. Your online marketing strategy should take advantage of these special calendar dates and this is just one example which illustrates how your marketing online could be adapted.

2. USA: Independence Day, 4th July
Do you sell patriotic products? Are you a maker and seller of flags, banners, hats or key rings? Could you provide the kinds of products that people are going to want to buy online in preparation for this event? Could you offer discounts on your products for this time and earn yourself some loyal online customers for years to come?

Marketing Online for specific dates or events is well worth spending time on because these holidays are going to come around every single year.

3. China: Chinese New Year, between late January and mid February depending on the moon
Do you own a Chinese Restaurant outside of China? Could you organize a special day of different events, food, products from China and more to celebrate this special day?

If people eat in your restaurant on this day, could they have a 10% discount on further orders every time they order online from your restaurant throughout the following year?

These kinds of promotions could work excellently as part of your Campaign if you give them enough thought and creativity in advance.

4. New Zealand: Waitangi Day, February 6th
Kiwis love Waitangi Day. It is the day when they get to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. It is an important historical date in the Kiwi calendar and online marketers can use this to their advantage.

If you own a coffee shop, why not advertise that you’re going to be serving sheep-shaped biscuits all day for FREE as long as the customer buys a regular coffee. You might even decide to open your coffee shop late on this day so that you can project a recording of the All Blacks winning countless numbers of rugby championships for Kiwis to revel in.

Again, use your online marketing campaign to put the word out, generate an online voucher or reference code for people to quote and wait for the punters to come rolling in. Anything is possible on an international level with Online Marketing.

5. UK: Mother’s Day, the 4th Sunday of Lent
Perhaps you own a beautiful boutique hotel in Brighton where cherished daughters are simply dying to take their doting mothers for a getaway weekend? Offer a 5% discount if they stay more than one night or offer them a 10% discount if they can encourage a friend of theirs to bring her mother along for the weekend too?

Perhaps you own a spa and you decide that you will market special Mother’s Day vouchers for particular treatments just for Mother’s Day itself if that person signs up to your e-newsletter, for example.

Marketing during important days like this one must tap into the ready-made market that is simply dying for someone to reach out to it.

6. Brazil: Rio de Janiero Carnival, 40 days before Easter
Maybe you live in a country (NOT Brazil) which is home to a large number of Brazilians; Brazilians who won’t be able to afford the plane ticket home so that they can be a part of their nation’s colorful fun?

Reach out to the audience  and offer them their very own Brazilian Carnival Experience with your company’s help. If you own a restaurant or a bar, organize a Brazilian Carnival Night. If you work in an art gallery, create an exhibition of Brazilian Carnival Photography and Art to be shown at that time.

When you sit down and think about the various online marketing opportunities which exist during festive and national holiday periods across the globe, the ideas will be endless. An injection of creativity into your Marketing might be just what the Pay Per Click doctor ordered.