Every single PPC campaign that is managed is different and it is important that all PPC Managers remember this fact in order to remain successful in what they do. The Content Network, despite popular and misinformed belief, is an excellent PPC forum for creating enhanced campaigns that really focus in on the target audience of a particular campaign.

When using the Content Network to run a PPC campaign there are three basic ways in which your advertisement can be triggered to appear on any website that is part of the Content Network. These three basic ways are as follows:

1. Your advertisement appears on a website page thanks to the ad group keywords that you have already set up (this is the default setting on the Content Network)

2. The Placement Targeting Option allows you to select specific websites (or specific web pages) where your advertisement will appear as opposed to relying on the basic ad group keyword match idea.

3. Through what is known as an Enhanced Campaign, you choose both websites and keywords that Google can then use to decide whether or not to impress your advertisement at any given time.

Enhanced Campaigns give the PPC Manager a huge amount of control. An internet user’s mindset is going to vary depending on what type of website they are on and therefore this will affect whether they are in the mood for clicking on your advertisement at any given moment or not. This is why creating a Content Network Campaign that explores which websites or which ad group keywords generate conversions before you then create an Enhanced Campaign is one of the most important steps to take when utilizing the effectiveness of the Content Network.

Sometimes, for example, an advertisement doesn’t generate the conversions that you hope it will but not because the website is the wrong place for your advertisement. There are a number of different reasons as to why an advertisement may not be generating conversions, for example:

1. the impressions are placed at the wrong time of day

2. the internet users on these websites respond to video and image advertisements more than to text advertisements

3. the impressions are shown to internet users across the world when in actual fact your product is only really of interest to British internet users

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A basic Content Network campaign can help you to test out these different areas by making small changes to when, where and what you show internet users on a small budget. Then with an Enhanced Campaign you can dictate that your advertisement be shown on a particular website, at a particular time of day and that it be a video advertisement if this medium works the best at engaging your audience. With the Enhanced Campaign, you can then afford to spend a little more money as you will be more secure in the ROI value that this campaign is going to create.

Essentially, the possibility for absolute control combined with huge creativity is something that a PPC Manager has when using the Content Network. The Search Network, though more popular, doesn’t always give you such control and it certainly doesn’t allow PPC Advertisers to be as creative when it comes to the actual format of their advertisements. Therefore, if you are not making use of the Content Network at present, you need to make a change. PPC has more to offer than Search Network Advertising.