When creating a PPC campaign, budget is often a huge factor and the reason why many campaigns fail. A lot of beginners use up their budget in a matter of weeks or even days and have no real knowledge of how to lower those costs.

Lowering your PPC costs can be tricky, but it’s definitely not impossible and we’ve Lower Pay Per Click Costsseen it work very well on our PPC campaigns. Let’s face it, the terminology alone can be intimidating.

For instance, the better your CTR the lower your CPC and the higher your ROI. There’s also the debate of CPA vs. PPC. Is your head spinning yet?
Don’t worry though because this article will show you 5 methods that won’t have your head spinning. We’ll look at 5 easy ways to help you lower your PPC and also help increase the longevity of your campaigns.

Get Rid of Dead Weight

You have to learn when to let go. If you have keywords that are under-performing, get rid of them as soon as possible. There’s no point in paying for keywords that aren’t converting and just costing you extra money. You can use a negative keywords tool to help find the words that are wasteful and irrelevant to your campaign. These really contribute nothing to you and end up costing you more in the long run.

Build Targeted Landing Pages

It’s important to build landing pages that are relevant to your keywords. These can help you increase conversion rates and profits while lowering PPC costs. When a visitor comes to your landing page and finds exactly what they’re searching for, they’ll be willing to take action and become a customer. They’re sure to become repeat visitors as well. These high conversion rates will in turn lower your PPC costs since because of your high CTR (click through rate). You’ll also increase profits, which is always a plus.

Increase Quality Score

With an improved quality score of course comes improved ad rankings and lower CPC (cost per click) costs. “To improve your quality score you should increase the depth of your website, add more unique content, include awards and security logos, and use tightly focused ad groups in your campaign”. In order to help you increase your score, you might want to use a tool like WordStream’s Quality Score Toolkit. It will give you a full analysis of your AdWords account along with suggestions on what needs improvements.

Lower Maximum Bids

Once you improve your quality score (as mentioned above) and get a good CTR, you can then manually reduce your maximum bids in order to lower costs. A good reduction rate is 15% on a daily basis until you’re at a comfortable level. As long as your quality score remains high, this reduction will not hurt you and you’ll still be able to keep your ad position and CTR.

Include a Call to Action

Having a good call to action is also very important because this is what will get users to click on your ad and hopefully become a customer. You’ll want to use something descriptive and catchy. Things like “buy now” or “click here” are no good because they don’t tell users anything about your product or service. You’ll want something that mentions discounts, sales, or free products. This also helps you generate a good ROI (return on investment) and will in turn increase your CTR.
So as you can see CTR and your Quality Score both really important; the more clicks you’re getting and the higher your score the lower your costs. You should always be thinking of clever ways to increase those clicks. When starting out though, you really need to focus on the things that you know will work for you and less on what might not. You can’t afford to waste your budget on useless methods.
The post above was written by Lior Levin. Lior is a marketing consultant for 123 neon signs and also works for a live chat support service.

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