How many times have you heard somebody say to you that reputation is everything? You probably cannot count the times using all your fingers and toes because reputation IS everything and if you are doing nothing to positively manage that online reputation then you may as well be writing the bad reviews about your company yourself.

Back in the day, a company’s reputation was marketed through much slower forms of advertising that were a little easier to monitor and control in some respects, including print and broadcast media, word of mouth and the good old yellow pages.

However, in the 21st Century, online reputation is where it’s at and if you are doing nothing or very little to protect and to craft that online reputation then your PPC Manager, no matter how much of a whizz kid he or she is, will not be able to achieve high results for you in terms of marketing via the PPC network.

PPC Managers can do wonderful things, but it is very difficult to do wonderful things if you are having to combat a lot of online slanderous material that pops up on the Google SERP every single time one of your PPC Advertisements pops up too.

Your advertisement, posted next to a scathing article about your company written by an independent company and perhaps worse, a former client, is not going to do your company any good whatsoever!

So… what can you do to ensure that your online reputation is not negating all the hard work that your PPC Manager is doing for you and your PPC Advertising Campaign?

Webrageous Studios reveals the way in which the following four ideas can be put into action quite simply in order to improve online reputation and to get you used to working proactively to build more of an online reputation that is going to sing your company’s praises from the rooftops.

The following areas will be covered:

Local Business Listings Websites
Your Company’s Website
Social Networking
Online Chat about Your Business