If Pay Per Click Advertisers should understand anything about Google AdWords Pay Per Click, they should understand that new Pay Per Click tools and features are developed constantly to improve both Pay Per Click Advertiser and Pay Per Click Customer experience. In recent weeks, Google AdWords Pay Per Click Developments have focused predominantly on Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements.
Webrageous Studios stays abreast of all developments in Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management and makes a point of keeping its Pay Per Click Advertising Clients up to date too through this Pay Per Click Blog and various articles published daily on its website. Webrageous knows that constant updates in Pay Per Click Management are important to its clients and readers because Google AdWords makes a lot of changes to its service and it can be difficult to keep up without the support of a Pay Per Click Expert.
The updates to the Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements are very useful to all Pay Per Click Advertisers in the US and Webrageous Studios wants to make sure that its Pay Per Click Clients are fully aware of the different tools and features that are available as soon as possible. The updates highlighted in this post today have been selected because Webrageous Studios feels that they would be useful to many of its clients and their respective Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns.
The developments to Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements are as follows:

Google AdWords Unique Product Identifiers

In the coming weeks, both US and UK Pay Per Click Advertisers who want to use Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements, will be required to include brand name and model number information covering all products that they sell or provide information about online.
Webrageous Studios works with a number of Pay Per Click Advertisers involved with Medical Spa Advertising and we know that the listing of products by brand and model number could be very useful to their online advertising campaigns.
This is because the brand and model number information that the Pay Per Click Advertiser can now provide will allow Google AdWords to link the online advertisements to the relevant product pages or user reviews and photographs on the advertising company’s website. Basically, the more information that can be provided to Google AdWords, the better your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign could grow to be. Internet users like information and these new developments are going to send potential customers the information that they seek.

Google AdWords Shipping and Tax Information

Google AdWords will also soon be asking Pay Per Click Advertisers who are making use of the Product Listing Advertisement for information about tax and shipping costs which is again going to be extremely useful for International Pay Per Click Advertisers.
The more information that you can provide for your target audience, the better. So make sure you take full advantage of these Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising features as and when they come into play and ask your Pay Per Click Manager about how to make tax and shipping information on advertisements work well for you.

Google AdWords Sale Option

The final update to the Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisement, which is about to come into play in the US and the UK, is an optional feature unlike the mandatory features listed above. Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisers will have the opportunity to promote sales on specific products and services, specifying the dates of the sale and special prices that will exist during that sale to be displayed on the Google AdWords Advertisement for that time.
Webrageous Studios recommends that any Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertiser who is running a sale takes full advantage of this new feature and that they speak immediately with their Pay Per Click Manager to switch this feature on.
The Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisement is a wonderful style of online advertisement that keeps getting better and better. It works for products and services alike and Webrageous Studios would be more than happy to run through the options with you if you feel that you need more information.
There are a number of existing Pay Per Click Advertisers who work closely with Webrageous Studios who may well benefit from the use of the Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisement, particularly in lieu of these recent developments. If you work with Webrageous Studios on your Pay Per Click Advertising and you wish to discuss the option of implementing Product Listing Advertisements into your Pay Per Click Campaign, contact your personal Webrageous Pay Per Click Manager today and discuss your needs and interests with them in depth.

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