remarketing campaignRemarketing is a very popular form of PPC Advertising for many reasons, one of which is that it can be a very successful form of PPC Advertising if managed correctly and if the PPC Advertiser is fully aware of what to expect from remarketing results. Bear in mind that you do need to work hard and understand PPC Advertising inside and out to manage remarketing campaigns successfully, but it can be done.
Too often, through a basic lack of knowledge and understanding, a PPC Advertiser expects similar ROIs from their remarketing campaign as what they have already been receiving from their basic PPC campaign.
Unfortunately, thinking like this is only going to lead you down the path of disappointment. Let Webrageous Studios explain why.

The Promise of Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing uses tracking cookies in order to latch on to an already interested but, as of yet, unconverted internet user by sending them further advertisements once they have left your site in the hope that they will soon return to buy the product they were looking at or perhaps something else that has taken their fancy.
The story is the same if you are selling a service or aiming to get internet users to fill out a form or subscribe to your website. In addition, because a remarketing campaign focuses on attracting a smaller audience who is already interested, it also generally costs less to run.
Simply put, remarketing promises more conversions and less expenditure.

The Problem

However, if it were this simple then everyone would be able to do it and be very successful at it too.
Naturally, remarketing is not that simple and this is where many PPC Advertisers reveal their lack of knowledge and experience. The ability of a PPC Manager to run a remarketing campaign successfully or not is also a tell-tale sign as to the PPC management skills in general of that PPC Manager.
Only PPC Managers who fully understand PPC and are fully trained in the science that can help them develop a successful remarketing campaign.
Clever and well trained PPC Managers take key performance indicators (KPIs) into question and they ensure that the PPC Advertiser for whom they work also takes these KPIs into consideration too.
Remarketing targets a smaller audience by nature. Even if results are good, the volume of those results might not be enough to meet the demands of the KPIs if set inappropriately. Remarketing demands a rethink in terms of the kinds of advertisements you serve to your specialized audience too. Problems in any remarketing campaign results occur when this specialized campaign is not tailored to a remarketing focus.

The Solution

The solution to these remarketing problems is to understand further how KPIs and advertisement tactics must change in order to best exploit the remarketing technique.
How can you develop skills in successful remarketing management?
Read the article on the Webrageous Studios website entitled, “AdWords Remarketing: Taking Action.”
The article asks four very important questions that any PPC Manager or PPC Advertiser needs to answer if they want to avoid implementing a remarketing campaign badly and losing time and money in the process. Four questions with four answers is all it will take to help you improve the results of your remarketing campaign without delay.

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