Auto Accident Attorney Google Ads Management

Every year between 20-50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries from car accidents. How many of them are coming to you get the compensation they need?

With our auto accident attorney Google Ads management service, you can run ads that put your firm in front of those who have had car accidents…and need you to help them file a case.

Why Choose Webrageous for Auto Accident Lawyer PPC Management?

PPC for auto accident attorneys lets you customize the ad placement and pay only when someone clicks on the ad. For example, you can pay to have your firm appear on top when a user searches for “auto accident attorney.” You will pay each time someone clicks on that ad and visits your website.

Good PPC ads impress prospects instantly and will start bringing traffic to your website immediately. This means instant exposure for your law firm. With other strategies like SEO, it could take months to years to get to the top of search results or appear in Google’s local pack. PPC ads can put you there instantly—you just need to set them up correctly.


Years of poor auto accident attorney Google Adwords management have led lawyers to waste considerable budgets. Webrageous exists to ensure you have the elements in place to get a positive ROI from your pay per click campaign. Say goodbye to PPC agencies that aren’t legal-specific. Our agency has managed PPC campaigns for law firms for nearly 20 years, giving our in-house pay per click specialists a wealth of experience when it comes to building strategies for maximum visibility and conversions.


Want to know where a lead came from? Our auto accident lawyer Google Ads management service includes form submission and phone call tracking. As a result, you can see where your best clients are coming from, saving you the headache of dealing with multiple processes to discover the source.

Check out this screenshot provided by a client. It shows the expected value of new cases generated by Webrageous for an auto accident campaign and workers comp campaign combined. Notice the amazing ratio between ad spend and total expected case value at the bottom.

Google Ads Types?

• Search – Advertise your firm in search engine listings and local map pack. Generate leads and sales by targeting highly relevant keywords.

• Display – Promote your firm through banner ads through a huge range of sites. You can even advertise on your competitor’s pages if they’re signed up to the Google Display Network.

• Remarketing – Get in front of people who recently visited your website. Generate leads and conversions by running remarketing ads that encourage past visitors to come back and complete their conversion.

What’s Included in Our Auto Accident Attorney PPC management Service?

Keyword research

Our PPC specialists use advanced techniques to find the top-performing keywords to give you more exposure. For complete transparency, we will review the keyword list with you to ensure you know the CPC and potential ROI of our suggested search terms.

Competitor Research

What type of ads are they running? What keywords do they bid on? What times are they competing for positions? We’ll perform detailed competitor research and develop strategies to help you stand out in the crowded legal PPC space.

Landing Page Optimization

Your website landing pages should be clear and match the visitor’s intent. Our auto accident attorney pay per click management service includes optimizing landing pages to encourage visitors to call your firm.

PPC Budget Management

Webrageous is vigilant about how your marketing dollars are spent. We keep a check on CPCs and may adjust your ad campaigns along the way to make sure they remain cost-effective while producing the best results.


The PPC experts are Webrageous use the latest ad testing strategies to improve your campaign performance. Our clients know it requires rigorous testing and revamping to reduce wasted spend, identify the right keywords, and outperform competitors in SERPs.

PPC Reporting

We’ll keep you in the loop about the performance of each ad campaign with precise and data-backed reports. Our PPC reports are extensive but free of industry jargon, making it easy for you to interpret campaign results.


Pay per click or PPC is one of the methods of advertising your firm online. When users in different geographic locations search for areas involving your practice, they see text ads placed on Google. However, you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. You can control how much money to spend by setting a monthly budget. PPC involves setting up an account that can lead to more business for your firm.

Have you ever seen an ad that you saw once on multiple websites you visit? Long story short, you have witnessed remarketing first hand. Remarketing enables you to show ads to users who previously visited your website. As a visitor browses the web, they see your banner ad on other websites. Webrageous can help you set up Google Ads remarketing to keep your firm on the customer’s mind. It’s a simple and cost-effective strategy that works for most of our clients.

Phone tracking allows you to log all the calls made through your website. To set up phone tracking, we’ll need to place a Javascript code on your site. When a visitor from a PPC ad lands on your site, the phone number changes into a new number. We can then track every lead. Auto accident lawyers mostly get leads from phone calls, so enabling phone tracking can help you see the overall value of your pay per click campaign.

You should first ask yourself this question: how much is a new client worth to my business? If the average client pays $5,000-$8,000 in fees, you can spend more on lead acquisition and still profit. A well-crafted PPC campaign can pay for itself and help you win the battle for the top spot in SERPs.

A successful PPC campaign has a lot of moving parts. If you have expertise in digital marketing, you might be able to put a great campaign that drives results. However, it requires constant tweaking and attention to really make your PPC campaigns produce the desired results.

Webrageous is a leading auto-accident attorney pay per click management firm

Our methods and tactics in producing results for our clients are exceptional. We’re not a “software” based firm or a “gimmick” firm that only looks to exploit loopholes. We take the time to learn each of our clients and their needs. From there, we tailor a custom PPC plan for the client’s specific needs.