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Pricing & Included Services

The service one provides to their clients is an important part of the overall customer experience. In the web and search marketing industries, there is a wide range of service levels offered for the fees that are charged. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand exactly what you may be receiving when you engage a pay-per-click vendor. With this in mind, we want to ensure that you are aware of what you’ll receive before you decide to move forward with us. At Webrageous Studios, we always seek to perform beyond expectations.

Price List

The way we charge is very simple. We charge a percentage of your click spending each month.

Services Included in our Monthly Pay Per Click Management Fee:

  • High-level strategy development for your online marketing campaigns
  • Consultation regarding optimization of your website pages for pay per click (web design additional)
  • Optimization of your campaigns for maximum quality score on Google by having highly targeted campaigns and ad groups around focused individual themes
  • Keyword research for existing campaigns and ad groups
  • Creation and testing of different text ads or banner ads
  • Bid adjustments as needed to optimize your return on investment
  • Budget optimization and execution of budget changes/optimization following an increase or decrease in your budget
  • Fraud watch and protesting of fraudulent charges with Yahoo & Google and your credit card company if necessary
  • Preparation of any requested reports
  • Communication by phone or e-mail about your campaigns
  • Much More!

Services not included in our monthly fee:

  • Web design/changes to your website (we will advise you of recommended changes but making these is your responsibility)
  • New content for your website
  • Creation of videos, flash banner ads or audio ads.

Please contact us to find out how much it will cost to manage your account as every situation is different. Please click the link in the navigation at the top to visit our 60 day risk-free trial page.

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