Deciding upon which keywords you will target on your Google Ads campaigns might seem like a straightforward process for you. After all, you know your business inside out. You breathe it and are immersed in it every day. In our experience, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your potential customers might look for Urgent Care services in ways that you might not have considered. The competition for the keywords you have decided upon might also be very high, and therefore, pricy.

We, at Webrageous, know Google Ads (AdWords) inside out. We breathe it and are immersed in it every day.

We know that deciding on which keywords to target and their match type is a key element of a Google Ads strategy. We have access to the best tools to carry out a proper keyword research, and we know how to analyze all the potential keywords in order to choose the best ones for your Urgent Care Center. We would love to hear your ideas, but also to expand your keyword list for you, so you don’t have to.

Please see below for a list of the top keywords for Urgent Care Centers by average monthly searches:

urgent care near me 2.200.000
urgent care 1.500.000
walk in clinic 201.000
walk in clinic near me 201.000
urgent care center 49.500
urgent care open near me 33.100
urgent care 24 hours 33.100
urgent care for children 27.100
urgent care hours 22.200
urgent care for kids 22.200
near urgent care 18.100
urgent care clinic 18.100
emergency care 14.800
emergency care near me 14.800

We can happily find you more specific keywords, as well as location targeted keywords, such as:

  • urgent care [insert city name here],
  • urgent care [insert neighborhood here],
  • urgent care [insert borough here],
  • etc.

A successful Google Ads strategy is not only based on keyword research, analysis and decision. There are many other key factors to consider when setting up your winning campaigns, such as a well-devised Google Ads account organization, highly effective ad copy, an optimized landing page for SEM, knowing all Google Ads best practices – we are playing Google’s game and need to play by their rules -, and more.

Moreover, after you have set up the account, and once it is running – your Urgent Care Center ads will start to show almost immediately on Google! – you will need to be able to spot quickly if anything is off and fix it. This is easily said than done, as years of training are needed in order to become great at Google Ads.

That’s exactly what we are. We are trained, great professionals that have become great at setting up, managing, optimizing and growing Google Ads accounts.

If you have not done any of this before, you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there, and you would like to rest assured that your Google Ads are on the best hands, please call us at 855-945-1596 to see how we can help!