SMB Pay Per Click Fails

There are far too many SMBs that attempt pay per click advertising but just do not have the knowledge or the experience in pay per click to achieve success. The advertising form might look simple but to get it right it can be very complicated. That is why it pays to hire a pay per click management expert on SMBs.

Here are just some of the ways that an SMB advertiser might fail in pay per click:
  • They do not understand the relevant advertising rules, which vary depending on your industry, and advertise something that is illegal to advertise. This SMB Pay Per Click Failscould result in a suspension or hefty consequences from the advertising board.
  • They don’t research their keywords and are continually outbid by their competition.
  • They link advertisements to irrelevant landing pages or broken URLs, spending money on clicks that do not turn into conversions, thereby increasing their cost per conversion.
  • They fail to optimize their landing pages and website and make the conversion path too confusing for potential customers to make a conversion, thereby losing business.
  • Some SMBs attempt to advertise on Google AdWords without reading the rules or regulations and without a proper understanding of the numerous tools and features that Google AdWords has implemented to help advertisers succeed.
  • They bid too high on keywords or make their keyword choices too broad, failing to focus on their target audience, that is, those who are more likely to make a conversion.
As you can see, there are many ways that an SMB can fail to achieve at pay per click advertising because they do not have the help of an experienced pay per click manager. For many SMBs who are already struggling through a financial crisis, you can’t afford to go it alone. You’ve got enough to worry about in running your business, leave pay per click management up to the experts.
There is only one way to achieve SMB pay per click success – Hire an expert

Webrageous has 10 years’ experience managing pay per click advertising campaigns for SMBs. We can tell you that in our time in the business we have seen many SMBs who have come to us with failing campaigns, who have experienced click fraud, or who are drastically losing money. We have been able to bail out those companies and we can help you too.

There really is no price on experience. With Webrageous, you will only have to sit back and watch as we do the hard work for you, converting your SMB into an online super seller. And as we mentioned in this blog, the cost of outsourcing is incomparable with the returns you will see on your advertising.
You can give us a call to find out what we are offering new clients at the moment. However, we guarantee that we will dramatically improve your results on pay per click if you come on board with us. Find out more by contacting the office directly at 800-645-9521.
Webrageous is an expert in pay per click management for SMBs so if you are an SMB in need of some advertising or if you have had any problems with pay per click advertising – whether it was self-managed or if you had trouble with another PPC company – then contact us immediately. We are confident of our ability to turn your campaigns around.
We are also fully qualified in Google AdWords so whatever your pay per click advertising needs for your SMB, we have the tools, skills and resources to help you out. Contact us now for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!