Looking for Love, Pay Per Click Management and Bridget Jones

If you’re female, single and in your 30s, you’re probably secretly looking for love, whilst fending off friends, family members and strangers as they constantly warn you about the ‘tick-tock’ of the biological clock! But if you’re female, single, in your 30s and working in Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management, it’s not just the ‘tick-tock’ of the biological clock that you’re going to need to receive constant alerts about.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management is an all-consuming job and it can be hard to see the relevant tree figures for the jam-packed data forest without having a little help along the way. You might be sick and tired of listening to people constantly on at you to “find the one,” but no Pay Per Click Manager in their right mind is going to turn down the offer of some Pay Per Click Management Alerts to “find the real problems” within their Pay Per Click Campaigns.

If you’re not receiving love notes from that special someone in your life, then you can at least make sure you’re receiving love alerts about your Pay Per Click Campaigns every day, helping you to raise your Google AdWords Campaign Cyber Children with success, care and attention. It took a long time for Bridget Jones to find her Mr. Right, but it doesn’t have to take the female Pay Per Click Manager any time at all to find her Pay Per Click Mr. Darcy.

In fact, there are 3 Pay Per Click Mr. Darcys listed below who can drop little Pay Per Click love notes into your inbox every day when your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign needs attention. You need never feel alone, confused or unloved again when you see the Google AdWords Pay Per Click Alerts available via Google Intelligence and listed below:

Significant Drops in Traffic Alerts
When Bridget Jones has “no new messages” on her phone and when her many failed first dates never call her back, it breaks her poor little British heart, but Google AdWords Pay Per Click Managers need not fear this kind of rejection.

If your traffic drops significantly, Google Intelligence will send a little love note to your inbox to alert you to the fact and allow you time to rectify the issue before a lack of traffic to your site starts to make you feel sad and unloved. Google Intelligence will always call you back, whenever it notices that you need to be called and your Pay Per Click Management will continue to thrive.

Spikes in Traffic Alerts
Wouldn’t it be great to know when your Pay Per Click Management efforts were working and wouldn’t it be great to ALWAYS know about these successes way before your Pay Per Click Advertising Client even had a whiff of such developments? That way you could send the happy news to your clients personally and show them that you are on top of every little change, good or bad, to their campaigns at all times.

Bridget Jones could never manage to see when she was doing things right and when she was simply making the same mistakes that she’d been making for years. That’s because she had nobody looking out for her; nobody in her corner.

We all need a little help every now and then and Google Intelligence won’t fail you. It will send you a little love alert to your inbox if your traffic ever spikes suddenly for any reason. Poor Bridget Jones listened to lots of bad advice which kept her away from her Mr. Darcy for such a long time. She was told to “play it cool,” to “ignore him if she wanted him to call her,” and other such nonsense.

Google Intelligence will never lie to you about your Pay Per Click Management needs. When you’re doing something right and those conversions are coming in, Google Intelligence will send you alerts and remind you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Breakthroughs made to your campaigns will be celebrated as they occur with Google Intelligence on your side.

Significant Drops in Goal Completion Alerts
It’s the same old story for the 30 something Bridget Jones yet again. The date seems to be going well, she feels attractive, she shares a good night kiss and then… nothing. Where are those conversions? Why are people just not following through to the very end and signing up for life?

Bridget Jones didn’t have an expert to help her through the pitfalls of singledom in London, but Google AdWords Pay Per Click Managers do have Google Intelligence to help them find the path to success. It is looking out for them and sending alerts about significant drops in Pay Per Click Goal Conversions.

Imagine the following…

You’re getting lots of traffic, potential online customers are flocking your way constantly. Your Pay Per Click Campaign is going well, right? Well, not necessarily and the Google Intelligence Pay Per Click Alert for a drop in goal conversions is the way to stay on top of these issues and be fully aware of these Pay Per Click Management problems.

Broken submission forms? Problems with your shopping cart? Whatever the issue is, you’re not going to be left on your own to figure it out like loveless Bridget Jones. Google Intelligence is always going to be battling along with you and your Pay Per Click Management success is going to be all the better for it. When traffic remains high, but conversions are low, Google Intelligence will let you know and you’ll be able to sort through the reasons why together.

More Google Intelligence Alerts
Naturally, Google Intelligence Pay Per Click Management Alerts have even more to offer a girl completely involved in Pay Per Click Advertising and feeling that the whole process could be a little too much to manage on her own. There simply isn’t space for Webrageous Studios to discuss and share them all with you in this single article today.

However, Webrageous Studios can promise all of the confused Bridget Jones Pay Per Click Managers out there this one final thing…

Pay Per Click Managers won’t feel lost, alone and unloved with Google Intelligence Pay Per Click Management Alerts and it won’t take Google AdWords Pay Per Click Managers long periods of time to find the perfect Pay Per Click Campaign with the help and support of Google Intelligence.

Don’t be a 30 something Bridget Jones, still getting it all “Pay Per Click Wrong” year after year. Embrace the love and support of your very own Mr. Darcy in the form of Google Intelligence and watch as your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns soar through the roof. Your Pay Per Click Advertising Clients will be very, very happy with the results!

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