Online Advertising and Keyword Match Type is Not Confusing

Keyword Match Type Management and Optimization might look confusing on the surface, but there really is nothing to it once you get a few tips under your belt from the Pay Per Click Experts. This article offers ways in which to excel in Keyword Match Type Optimization. All Pay Per Click Campaigns will improve if the tips in this article are implemented well.

The Keyword Match Type Options
Online Marketing and Keyword OptimizationAsk yourself the following questions and in this way begin to optimize the keyword elements of your Pay Per Click Campaign as you go.

For example, do you organize each ad group to include a mixture of broad, phrase and exact match keywords, which are variations of the same basic keyword?

Example Ad Group
divorce services (exact match)
divorce services (phrase match, which could include “divorce services in Dallas”)
divorce services (broad match, which could include “divorce advice,” “divorce law firm,” or even “custody services”)

Or do you organize each ad group to include keywords that are all either broad match, phrase match or exact match only?

Ad Group 1 (exact match)
divorce services
child custody services
law firm services

Ad Group 2 (phrase match)
divorce services (which could include “divorce services in Dallas”)
child custody services (which could include “free child custody services”)
law firm services (which could include, “Australian law firm services”)

Ad Group 3 (broad match, which could ALL include “divorce help,” “divorce law firm,” or even “custody services for divorce” and many more variations on the same themes)
divorce services
child custody services
law firm services

The Pay Per Click Consequences
Your advertising budget could be used effectively or not so effectively, depending on which option from above you put into place. (That is not to say that one choice is better than the other, because both options work well, but every campaign is different and you will need to find out which option works best for your particular advertising needs).

The position of your advertisements on the SERP could also be affected by the way in which you optimize your keyword match types too, because your match type management affects the way in which search engines pick up your advertisements.

As a general rule, the exact match keywords are normally the keywords that convert best for most Pay Per Click Advertisers. It is also likely that your exact match keywords cost you less to bid on than your phrase and broad match keywords because less traffic is generated by these keywords and fewer bidders compete on them too.

The only thing is that your exact match advertisement might not always be shown over a phrase or broad match advertisement. This is because keyword match type and internet search phrases are not the only elements that search engines takes into account when deciding which advertisements should be listed in response to a search query. CPC and Quality Score are also taken into account too.

Sometimes your broad match advertisement is shown instead of your exact match and this may end up costing you more money. Your exact match bid might only be $0.30, but your broad match bid could be $1.25, for example.

Pay Per Click Networks are not trying to make money out of their advertisers. They do not select the most expensive keyword match deliberately. The selection of advertisements is an automated process and, as explained in the above paragraph, other elements affect which advertisements are automatically selected and could include anything from the following:

Geographical information of the internet user
Time of day
URL destinations
…and many other factors

This is why some people think that the management of keyword match type in is confusing, but it really isn’t. By now, having read half of this article, you are already aware of the issues involved and you are half way towards being able to manage this element of Pay Per Click successfully. It really isn’t rocket science. You just need someone (ie: Webrageous) to help you out a little and reveal some experienced tips every now and again, which is exactly what we are doing now.

The Pay Per Click Solution
If you are intent on going it alone (without the help of a Google AdWords Manager or Consultant), you will need to make very detailed records of what changes you make to you keyword match types and why you made those changes too. You will then be able to learn from your own experience and build up a good eye for predicting the effects of keyword selection on your advertising campaign in general over time.

If you don’t have time for this, the best thing to do in order to improve Keyword Match Type Optimization in particular would be to contact a Pay Per Click Specialist and work with an expert who would be able to manage your online advertising and keyword optimization for you.