How To Make Online Advertising Abroad Work

Whether you have chosen to use an automated or professional translator for your Online Advertising Abroad campaign, it is likely to be burdened with failure at the start.

The problem with Advertising Online Abroad is that to get a campaign working successfully requires significant experience and knowledge about keywords, negative keywords and techniques in optimizing advertisement text.

Online Advertising Abroad

This is not knowledge that a translator – no matter how good their translation skills are – is going to be able to provide. Without an Online Advertising Abroad expert, you are not going to be able to get your Online Advertising Abroad translation performing. English-equivalent translations of the advertisements, keywords and landing pages alone will not suffice when advertising abroad.

This is why numerous advertisers choose Webrageous Studios. Our company employs bilingual Online Advertising Abroad experts and this means that we can transfer campaigns into a second language with success.

While using a bilingual Online Advertising expert is not essential when advertising abroad, it is likely to achieve quicker results in the success of your Online Advertising Abroad translation. An Online Advertising expert carefully monitors your campaigns to ensure that they are achieving results when advertising abroad. If there are any issues, an Online Advertising Abroad expert can quickly manage these, take away non-performing keywords, test other variations of advertisements, or optimize landing pages.

Here are a couple of things that can help you get started with your Advertising Abroad Translation:

Check what the competition is doing

Try searching in your relevant fields and take a look at what the competition is doing when advertising abroad. Type various keywords into search engines abroad and see what comes up. Have a look at whether the competition also includes translations by English companies advertising online abroad and whether they have been using machine translations. They might not have translated their Online Advertising Abroad campaigns at all.

If you’re using Google AdWords, you can check out the competition through its Ad Preview Tool, remembering to set both the country and language selections.

Choose a qualified translator

It is best to find someone who is going to translate everything in your Online Advertising Abroad campaign – from advertisement text, headlines and keywords to landing pages, shopping carts and other conversion pages. Before hiring the translator, send them a sample and ask them to translate it.

The benefit of having an Online Advertising Abroad expert who speaks the target language will help here in assessing how good the translation is. Otherwise, use a friend or employee who knows both languages.

Having said that, if you can find a Online Advertising management company, like Webrageous Studios, which employs bilingual Online Advertising Abroad experts, you will be able to leave the translation in the hands of someone who has expert knowledge of Online Advertising Abroad. This is by far the best option that you could hope for.

Trust the translator

It is important to remember that there is not always an equivalent for an English word or phrase in another language. Provide the translator with all the information they will need to make a decision in your Online Advertising Abroad translation and then trust that decision. For example, make the translator aware of the exact meanings of words wherever you want to avoid double meanings.

Your Online Advertising Abroad expert is then there to judge the effectiveness of the campaign. The benefit of having an Online Advertising Abroad expert with bilingual capabilities will be to avoid the back and forth e-mail contact that may be required when dealing with a translator that’s native to the country you’re targeting.

Or, work with the bilingual Online Advertising Abroad experts from Webrageous Studios who can do both at the same time. It is invaluable to have the expertise of an Online Advertising Abroad expert who not only has outstanding knowledge of keyword optimization and use but is also bilingual.

Set up a new campaign for your new languages

It might be tempting to just copy the English campaign over to your Online Advertising Abroad campaign, have it translated, and then change the language and location settings.

However, what you will find is that people in other countries won’t search the same way they do here. High performing keywords here won’t necessarily perform well abroad. People also search at different times of the day and in different ways. Things like targeting options and cost per clicks will have to be changed to suit the new market in your Online Advertising Abroad campaign. Monitor how your keywords are performing in your Online Advertising Abroad campaign before making bidding decisions.

This is another reason why Webrageous Studios and its team of bilingual Online Advertising Abroad experts is simply the best choice when considering advertising abroad.

Research your market

Before you launch your Online Advertising Abroad campaign, conduct research into how users in other countries and languages search online. You can try asking people on forums or put a survey together and offer small rewards to the people you are targeting abroad for filling it out.
Use an Online Advertising Abroad Expert

While having an Online Advertising expert manage your account is always going to ensure the greatest success among your campaigns, it is even more important here. It is hard enough ensuring your Online Advertising campaign consistently performs when it is in your own language let alone in a language and country abroad that you are unfamiliar with. So leave it up to the experts.

Webrageous Studios has proven experience in managing multi-language campaigns. It has Online Advertising Abroad Experts and employees who are bilingual in English and Spanish and are fully capable at helping you with your Advertising Abroad campaigns in Spanish.