4 Important Facts About Paid Search Agencies

If business is good there will be no time to run a successful online marketing campaign. However, choosing the right kind of paid search agency to manage your online marketing campaigns can be difficult if you know little about the ways in which these agencies function.

Paid search agencies will not magically turn your online marketing presence into a thriving success overnight, but if you choose well the strategies that your agency puts into place will help to improve sales and branding image. The hurdle that all pay per click advertisers need to jump over to begin with is choosing the right paid search agency.

Use this short post to learn a little more about the way in which most paid search agencies function and use this knowledge to select the right kind of agency for your business’ online advertising needs.

1. Paid search agencies operate on an hourly basis
“Time is of the essence” is a phrase that couldn’t be truer when referring to the work of the average paid search agency. Agencies sell time. Advertisers buy that time. Therefore, when you start working alongside a paid search agency, remember to bear this important factor in mind.

Each paid search agency has a number of hours available. Those hours are split between the various paid search campaigns that they manage. Therefore, the amount of time devoted to each campaign will depend on the sum of money each advertiser has available to be able to invest.

Hours paid for are normally worked out as a percentage of the entire advertising spend or a flat rate fee. Either way, think carefully about the way in which you want those hours to be used. Do you want weekly meetings instead of monthly ones? Do you want more attention paid to branding campaigns or conversion optimization?

Each agency has a box of hours available and the hours that you pay for must come out of that box, so be very clear about the way in which you want to use your monthly time quota in order to get the best out of your pay per click specialist and recognize that they are always on the clock.

2. Accept the fact that your business might not require a paid search agency full time
Paid search agencies are not always the answer to your pay per click management needs. At least, paid search agencies on a full time basis are not always the answer.

For example, most agencies cannot accept the management of your paid search campaigns unless you are spending at least $1000 a month on your online advertising. Under these circumstances, it is in the interest of all parties for the advertiser to manage his or her advertising in-house or to hire a freelance paid search marketer.

However, even if you intend to spend $10,000 a month on your online advertising, you might not want to work with a paid search agency on a full time basis. There are many paid search agencies that also operate as paid search consultants. This means that they offer their services on a contract basis. They can be available for advice and random assessments of your campaigns. Input from specialists on this level can be really useful to paid search advertisers and is an avenue available that most people tend to ignore.

3. Paid search agencies cannot sell a product that nobody wants
One very important note to bear in mind is that paid search agencies are not made up of magicians. If your product is not something that people want or if your services are, quite simply, redundant, no amount of skillful online advertising will increase sales.

Think carefully about your product and the audience that you intend to target. Paid search agencies can only improve sales when you have something worth selling. It is also really important to bear in mind that some paid search agencies will not be honest in this respect either. Some paid search agencies will choose to take on the management of your advertising campaign, knowing that a sale is going to be impossible, just so that they can charge you for the privilege for a few months until you realize that your services are just not attracting your audience.

Not all paid search agencies are unscrupulous in this way. There are many honest, hard-working paid search agencies available to choose from and these agencies will tell you when they feel that there simply isn’t a product worth advertising, but the possibility of foul play is something that all advertisers should be aware of.

A good way of analyzing the marketability of your product or service is to see how well it does via other channels before you begin to pay for paid search marketing management. If your product attracts interest via SEO, blog posts, website content or social networking, then think about incorporating paid search marketing into your overall advertising strategy.

However, if you cannot seem to sell your product via other routes, starting up a contract with a paid search agency is probably not going to solve anything.

4. The phrase “paid search agency” does not always equate to “expert”
As a word of warning, all paid search advertisers must understand that, just like in any other industry, the quality of paid search management will vary from agency to agency. Research into your choice of advertising agency is essential. It is something that must be done before signing into any kind of contract or handing over any money.

Paid search agencies that hire less experienced paid search managers do so because they can hire them for less and make more of a profit. It is important to do as much as possible to find out about the entire team which will be responsible for the management of your advertising campaigns.

Find out whether or not the team is qualified in Marketing or not. Is the team made up of marketing specialists? Do they hold degrees or even post-graduates in Marketing? Is the team Google AdWords Qualified? How long have they been working in pay per click management? What other skills do they hold? Is there a difference between the skills of the marketing managers and the executive managers or team leaders, for example?

Final thought on Paid Search Agencies
Essentially, the paid search agency that you choose to work with needs to be an agency that you are comfortable with. If you trust in your agency it is likely that your business will profit from the relationship. If you have any doubt about the same for any reason, it is best to continue your search until you find something you are comfortable with.

Intuition is important in the world of online marketing. Don’t ignore your instincts. They normally do much more good for you and your business than you give them credit for.