How to Create your Own Secret Google AdWords Conversion Laboratory

Let’s not create a PPC Frankenstein’s monster of an advertisement. Let’s create healthy, happy PPC advertisements which generate conversions on a regular basis.

How do we do this?

We generate a conversion laboratory in secret that enables us to run tests in private, without sucking out money from the advertising budget and without having the PPC client breathing down our necks every five minutes asking for results without wanting to allow time for exploration and experimentation, which any good PPC Manager knows is the key to PPC success.

Your virtual conversion laboratory needs to be a place like the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein: somewhere safe, private, secret and easy to manage so that it doesn’t attract attention and make PPC clients fearful that you are spending too much time on experimenting and not enough time on “doing” something.

What the PPC client doesn’t know won’t hurt them and every PPC Manager needs a secret, little conversion lab where they can go to now and again to work on those long-term intuitive plans for their PPC Campaigns without making the PPC client worry that enough is not being “done” with their money.

Let’s take a look at the conversion laboratory in a little more detail below…

Do I really need a conversion laboratory?
Yes! You need a place where you can experiment in peace, like Dr. Frankenstein did when creating his monster. PPC Management is all about questions, tests, analyses and more questions. Go to your lab and test your theories in peace and private.

Ignore the need for accuracy.
Conversion laboratories, because they are secret, do not have to be completely accurate in terms of measurement. Run tests without the added strain of having to report your findings to anyone. Run the tests in private and do what you can with the time that you have.

If you cannot cover all angles because there is no time, just put the test into action and see what happens anyway. No-one else is going to see your tests. No-one will even know that you are running these tests because you should be doing it all in secret. There will be no pressure, no expectations and no need to be perfect with everything that you do.

Follow hunches and intuition and don’t slog your way through crossing all the Ts and dotting all of those Is.

Test without money
Find PPC testing tools that are free to run so that you don’t need to ask the person in charge of the budget in order to begin running your tests. Cheap and cheerful means that you can be private with your escapades too.

Test without IT support

In the same way that you need to avoid expense, make sure that everything you want to do and test within your secret conversion laboratory can be tested without the need to have IT support. Keep things simple, work with programs that you can manage and that you understand well.

The less people who know about your conversion laboratory the better, because you can run your tests without feeling the need to explain those hunches that you have to anyone, especially when you have no hard facts or data to support the area of experimentation that you wish to follow.

Remember, PPC Management is as much of an art as it is a science and sometimes we need to just run with a good feeling about something.

Make sure that you have to do very little
When you are running tests in your secret conversion laboratory, you want to make sure that the tests can run without very little input in terms of time and effort on your part. If the tests can run by themselves, as automatically as possible, you can still do all the things that your PPC client is asking you to do and not feel stretched for time.

Then when you have some results from your private laboratory to share with your PPC client you can do so and you will look like a proper little brain child and earn lots of brownie points from the boss. There is no need to give yourself more work to do because you have created a conversion laboratory. Keep things simple and easy.

Never run a test that is going to affect the real PPC Campaign
Everything you do in your conversion laboratory should be unidentifiable. No-one should know about it so that you can test your theories (especially if they are mad-cap theories with no facts or data to justify the experiments) in peace.

This means that anything you do must never affect the real PPC Campaign in any way whatsoever; not until you have definitely made sure that changes will be positive ones and that everyone involved with the PPC Campaign is going to be feeling positive about these ideas.

If only Dr. Frankenstein had kept his monster in his private conversion laboratory for a little longer he may have managed to create a being that was happy, peaceful and successful in the real world. Instead his creation was premature and disastrous. Let that be a lesson to you.

Keep your conversion labs private and only share your findings when you are sure that results are going to be impressive. In this way you can test mad-cap theories that are based purely on a good feeling and PPC clients will only ever be shown mad-cap ideas that are successful. This is the best way of making sure that your PPC client always has the utmost trust in what it is that you do for them.