Experienced Paid Search Management for Divorce Attorneys

Pay Per Click Management for Family Law Firms

Webrageous manages paid search for numerous family law firms across the country. Eric Willie is a client who contracted Webrageous years ago to manage his family law firm’s online marketing. Watch the video testimonial below to hear his first hand account of the results he has seen with our company.

What makes Webrageous so effective in Divorce Law marketing & Google AdWords PPC Management?

  • Personalized attention! Many PPC management companies have 1 account manager for 80 accounts. It’s hard to make a difference when you only have 30 minutes or less per week to create and optimize an account. As of March 2016 our account managers typically manage 10 or fewer accounts each.
  • We have been managing paid search for family law firms for close to 10 years.

If you also have other practice areas  you should take a look at our pages  geared towards  bankruptcy attorneys  and personal injury attorneys.  Often we can generate leads for personal injury attorneys under $200 per lead and for bankruptcy  at or under $50 per lead.

Where’s the proof?

    • Webrageous Studios manages the PPC campaigns of a number of US Divorce Lawyers.
    • We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating
    • Watch all of our testimonials videos-there are two family attorneys in our video reel
    • Watch our results video

Examples of PPC Success for Webrageous Family Law Advertisers

here is a sample report for one of our smaller family law clients. competition increases every year and cost per click generally goes up for most people who manage their own paid search account. However notice how the cost per click has come down and the number of leads has increased. These results are from 2015/2016 with a $2000 monthly budget for AdWords plus management fees. We didn’t track all the calls perfectly in this example. When we made a more careful study of calls versus contact form submissions a few years ago we found that there were three calls for every contact form submission for family law attorneys. If you apply that formula to these statistics then you would see a cost per lead of about $70 (plus management fees) and over 2 dozen phone calls or contact forms per month. Here’s the bottom line: in our experience the cost to retain one family law client is about $1000 including click charges and management fees for the clients we work with. Attorneys in large cities may find that these numbers are higher due to more competition.


Remember with the spreadsheet above that we were not tracking all the calls. So the numbers are better than what you see here. you will also notice there is a degree of variability from month-to-month in the total leads. A lot of attorneys like to turn their ads off over the holidays. For that reason we take a contrarian approach and suggests that clients leave ads on over Christmas and New Years. Look at how December was one of the best months for this client. And best of all you may be eligible for our 60 day risk-free trial.

1. Below for a different client notice how the conversion data shows a steady increase over a sustained period of time.

2. The number of clicks generated by this advertisement has increased steadily over time.

3. Detailed data analysis shows which areas of this campaign drive the most traffic. The advertiser’s budget can be adjusted accordingly and used more effectively based on a clients preferences.


How to Advertise Divorce Law Services with Webrageous

If you like what you have seen so far then contact us today. Be sure to check out our 60 day risk-free trial.

See How We Have Helped Other Law Firms

This results video highlights results from several law firms we have helped as well as some clients outside of legal.

Here are several more video testimonials you may want to watch. 3 of the testimonials are by attorney clients:

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