A Look at the Google AdWords Suspension Consequences

Anyone who is either involved in Google AdWords or who is looking into it will know that the consequences for being banned or suspended are high.

The reasons for AdWords suspension can range from inappropriate content to running a similar promotion in another of your accounts.

Unfortunately for many, the reasons for receiving an AdWords ban or suspension stem from ignorance of the system or common human error. Of course, the reasons for these AdWords suspension consequences are always justified. So for those people obeying the rules, there is nothing to fear.

With this in mind, it means that it is all the more easier to avoid these common mistakes that would lead to the various AdWords suspension consequences.

Mistakes that Lead to AdWords Suspension Consequences

Here are some common mistakes that might lead to you experiencing the AdWords suspension consequences:

  • Content on your landing page that is not permitted by Google AdWords. Content that might lead to an AdWords ban include:
    –   Pornographic content
    –   Hacking or code cracking material
    –   Gambling or casino-related content
    –   Illegal download material
  • Pop-ups or emails that include Google search boxes or advertisements
  • Ad spamming techniques such as business models designed to create artificial traffic
  • Google AdWords advertisements leading to a landing page where the sole purpose is to drive traffic to another site
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Misleading or inaccurate claims. Some examples are:
    –   Weight-loss products that promise huge weight losses in very short periods of time or without dieting
    –   Penis enlargement products that don’t require surgery
    –   Cars that can run on water

The consequences of violating Google AdWords’ landing page and site policy guidelines include:

  • Disapproval of your Google AdWords advertisements
  • Account suspension
  • Disabling of all advertisement traffic to your domain
  • Automated AdWords Suspension when setting up new accounts

To learn more about some of the things that might lead to these AdWords suspension consequences, contact Webrageous Studios.