Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management is now a popular form of online advertising for many US law firms which specialize in Qui Tam claims. It’s a popular and effective form of advertising for many Qui Tam law firms because when most people think about filing a Qui Tam claim they don’t already know a Qui Tam lawyer whom they can call.
As this is the 21st Century, the quickest, the most effective and the cheapest way of looking for that perfect Qui Tam lawyer is via the Internet. Therefore, Qui Tam law firms, if not doing so already, should be investing time, money and expertise in Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management if they want to get ahead of their competitors and attract those clients with big Qui Tam settlement potential.
For example, Webrageous Studios runs the Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management for a successful Qui Tam US law firm at present and was pleased to be celebrating with this same law firm recently on the biggest Qui Tam settlement that the US has ever seen, coming in at $128 million dollars.
Granted that the lawyers did all the hard work towards winning this case in the courtroom, but the fact of the matter is that Webrageous played a huge role in marketing their Qui Tam success and directing new Qui Tam clients towards the company’s website and offices every day. This is because Webrageous Studios knows exactly how to market a law firm that is looking to improve their Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management and generate more traffic and interest in Qui Tam law services.
Owing to this, Webrageous Studios intends to spend a little time sharing some of its expertise in Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management today. Webrageous wants to reveal how three essential features of conversion optimization on a Qui Tam US law firm’s website can do wonders for a Qui Tam PPC Campaign in general.
The three areas of conversion optimization that Webrageous Studios wishes to focus on today are as follows:

  • Website Usability
  • Website Persuasive Quality
  • Website Priority

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