How many times have we heard someone say, “Children are the future. We must invest in them for the good of our planet / society,” or something similar?
If children are the future and we educate them in math, languages, history, geography, the arts, physical education and more, then why not educate them in Pay Per Click?
Does this sound a little ridiculous? Maybe so. Maybe the majority of our society, even those of us who are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, might find this idea just a little weird. I hear people screaming out, “Pay Per Click? No! Save our children! Shield them from a life of Google Analytics and Landing Page Optimization!” I hear screams which state, “We need to let our children live and breathe and run around, experiencing all of the REAL elements of our world that there is on offer! Pay Per Click will only numb their minds!”

The only thing is that I doubt the children would actually be among the ones screaming out. Children today have never been without the Internet; they don’t know a world without the Internet and for them a world without online TV channels, Social Media Sites, Search Engines to help them research their homework tasks and games to download galore, would be a completely alien world and a world less rich in many respects too. They would bask in an education about Pay Per Click Advertising.
Children are most definitely the future and they are the future of Pay Per Click too, so responsible parents need to begin thinking about when it might be time to have that “Online Marketing Talk” in order to make sure that our children are safe, educated and well protected against everything that occurs within the dangerous, dog-eat-dog world of Pay Per Click. It is our moral obligation to do so.
Well, maybe not. Maybe I am just having a little play-on-words fun right now, but to some extent the need for Pay Per Click education at a young age is very, very important.
Firstly, in today’s technological world, online advertising is an important education in itself. Secondly, and just because Pay Per Click can be quirky and fun, a little education in online marketing and strong conversion techniques can teach our children a great deal about other important things in life too, including forming strong and loving relationships as they grow up.
Do you think I’m mad?
Maybe I am, but if you want to find out the benefits of Pay Per Click today, you’ll read on anyway!
Webrageous Studios gives you, Pay Per Click: An Important Education for the Next Generation.