Google AdWords Analyze CompetitionTo begin with, we must come clean…
There is no way of winning the Google AdWords Analyze Competition because it doesn’t even exist; at least, there is no game or contest called “Analyze Competition” with Google AdWords prizes at the end of it all for the PPC Advertiser who manages to answer the most amount of questions correctly, or anything of that sort.

What the Google AdWords Analyze Competition Really Is

Instead, the title of this post forms a little cheeky play on words. “Competition” in this post refers to the PPC Advertisers who you might be in competition with and the “Analyze Competition” feature, under the Opportunities Tab in your Google AdWords Account, is a feature that you can use to get to know your campaign better in relation to how it bears up against other campaigns in the same or similar markets.
Sorry to have perhaps fooled you into thinking that there was an actual Google AdWords Analyze Competition with prizes to be won, but then again, this is all part of the way in which Webrageous Studios aims to reiterate the importance of advertisement text and of reaching out to your PPC target audience through basic marketing principles.
More often than not, basic advertising principles are left by the wayside. Google AdWords PPC Managers become so caught up in conversion rates, ROIs and quality score improvements, that simple marketing strategies, like a catchy advertisement headline for example, are ignored.
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But getting back to the matter at hand, what actually is the Google AdWords Analyze Competition feature? and how should AdWords PPC Managers and Advertisers be utilizing it within their PPC Campaigns?