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Are you a fully trained PPC Google AdWords Manager looking for a different company to work for or a different kind of focus to shake up your working life and make you feel alive in your job again?

Are you a fully trained PPC Manager in paid online advertising via the Bing or Yahoo Networks, looking to make a break and begin working in Google AdWords PPC?

Are you an SEO interested in trying your hand at paid online marketing or someone with a fair bit of experience in websites or information architecture, looking to move over into PPC?

Are you a complete novice and know very little about any kind of online advertising but want to make a huge career change and hopefully put the spark back into your working life?

Whatever your background and whatever your reasons, Webrageous Studios is looking to hear from those people who believe they have what it takes to work in Google AdWords PPC as a PPC Manager for Webrageous Studios. (more…)

Google Protects Your Content Through Copyright

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who are quite happy to steal or plagiarize your content in order to serve their own gains and Google has already placed a number of different procedures in action in order to deal with this problem in the past.
Google services and responses to content protection have in the past included helping people understand how to help Google to rank things correctly and to help Google recognize who is the true owner of the content in question; who has the authority on that content.
In the instance that your content has been stolen, Google has already been offering its users the option of filling out a DMCA infringement notice. However the procedure is known to be a little time-consuming and therefore it would be useful to have some kind of copyright reporting system in place that was less of a hassle and which generated more of a result.
The good news is that Google has been toughening up in this area and has recently announced that it intends to make further improvements to copyright protection procedures and that it will soon be launching new copyright protection tools, solely for the use of Google clients, in order to further control this area of online activity.
In addition to these new copyright protection tools, Google plans to do the following: (more…)

Where are your Google AdWords Advertisements?

A Google Search is THE way to find a Divorce Attorney in the 21st Century and potential clients are online every day looking for legal advice in:

  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • and many other Family Law matters
  • Divorce Attorney competition is high.
  • Your competition is already running PPC Advertisements via Google AdWords
  • These Divorce Attorneys have already gained more clients through PPC

So… Where are your Google AdWords Advertisements? Where are your new clients? (more…)

What is the AdWords Small Business Center?

AdWords Small Business CenterGoogle AdWords has recently launched a new website purely devised to support and advise small to medium sized business owners about the best ways in which to run a successful Google AdWords account and get the most from your PPC Advertising.
This new website is called the AdWords Small Business Center and Webrageous Studios suggests that you all take a look and see how much you can gain from it.

What to Expect from the AdWords Small Business Center

There are a number of different topics to explore in the AdWords Small Business Center. This means that no matter how new you are to Google AdWords or how long you have been in the field, there is definitely so much that you can use in this website.
For instance you can:

  1. learn how to improve the writing of your advertisement text
  2. learn how to optimize your website further to improve PPC results
  3. learn how to make the most out of all the Google AdWords PPC features and tools to optimize the efforts of your PPC even further
  4. visit the Inside AdWords Blog directly from this new site in order to remain up to date with all Google AdWords developments
  5. make use of a discussion forum in the site where you can talk to other small business owners like yourself about how they feel about this new AdWords Business Center, among other topics

One of the best things about the AdWords Small Business Center is the layout. The website is extremely easy to navigate and includes very clean and clutter free web pages. This makes it perfect for those who are still trying to find their way around.
If you haven’t taken a look at the new AdWords Small Business Centre website yet, you may do so now by following this link. Try to explore and make the most out of its features and content and use your new found knowledge in growing your campaign even further.

New Google AdWords Online Course in Bid Management

If you are interested in improving your bidding management skills for the Google AdWords network, then you are in luck. Google AdWords has recently published a new online course available to anyone who has a Google AdWords Account and ID number at any time.

The course comes in the form of an online video accessible by clicking here on this link and then entering in your personal Google AdWords Account details in order to continue. The course is quick, but thorough and full of lots of tips direct from Google AdWords about the best way in which to manage the bidding element of your PPC Campaign to the best of your ability. (more…)

Google Campaign Management Meets Alice in Wonderland

For all those PPC geeks, advertisers and managers out there who have as unquenchable a thirst for film as they do for PPC, this article is going to take you on a “Mad Hatter” ride through the world of, not Alice’s, but “PPC’s Wonderland.”

Tim Burton’s 2010 reprisal of Lewis Carroll’s slightly warped, “Alice in Wonderland,” provides the perfect premise from which to begin looking at Google Campaign Management in a fresher light.

To set the scene, Johnny Depp as the lovable and somewhat courageous Mad Hatter in the movie continues to ask the question, “Why is a raven like a writing desk? Why is a raven like a writing desk?” and nobody has the answer. Indeed, the audience begins to wonder whether there is even an answer to be found. (more…)

Top Three PPC Tricks for Google AdWords

There are many sites, blogs and YouTube videos that offer PPC tricks for anyone new or old to Google AdWords and PPC Management. In this blog post Webrageous Studios would like to highlight the following three PPC tricks of the trade as being the three top tricks from its experienced, trained perspective. Webrageous Studios is a company that only hires Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers to run its PPC campaigns and work with its important PPC advertising clients and it is a highly reputable PPC Management Company in the eyes of some highly trustworthy third party PPC authorities, including the Better Business Bureau. (more…)

Google AdWords Management Sales Job

Webrageous is looking for a very talented part-time professional who can join our winning team through a Google AdWords management sales job. Part-time with even just a few hours each week is of interest to us.

Are You Qualified for this Google AdWords Management Sales Job?

You are a highly motivated, sales driven professional with a solid understanding of Google AdWords and excellent sense for online marketing. You are excited about the possibility of being paid what you are worth and about having no cap on your income!

We are a fast growing Google AdWords management company committed to providing the best results and best customer service possible for online marketing.

You are convincing, assertive and solutions minded. You love winning and keeping customers. Your willingness to do whatever it takes propels your sales success and your customers’ online marketing results.

You have a strong ability for generating new customers and enjoy mining for new accounts. You possess excellent listening, questioning and probing skills which positions you ahead of the pack when qualifying prospects and uncovering real pain points. You thrive when creating winning solutions for your company and for your customers.

We are an award-winning performance-centric company with ambitious goals and a focused plan to achieve those goals.

You are passionate about selling and servicing your customers, generating an abundant income and making your mark in a company. You are goal oriented and you thrive in an achievement-focused company where success is celebrated and shared.

This is a commission-only Google AdWords management sales job. We are offering 30% of the new revenues you generate from cold calling over the first 12 months of our relationship with the new client and 20% of revenues for any leads that we provide for you.

We are Webrageous, a Nevada-based Google AdWords Management firm. our team extends from the bay area to Brazil, come grow with us!

To apply for this Google AdWords management sales job, please check out


Insider’s Secrets to Getting Free Online Publicity

Smart business people routinely get free online publicity (usually worth thousands of dollars) that sends them a steady flow of new customers. It’s not hard. But you need to know some insider secrets to make it happen. This quick guide will show you how.

When you are mentioned in other online publications, it can drive a lot of traffic into your website. Plus, it can raise your rankings in Google (and Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc) if you get backlinks from these articles about you. Many large media sites have high Google PageRank, which helps you get higher search engine rankings.

Here are four powerful ways you can get free publicity online. (more…)

Your first steps to online marketing success

Online marketing is more than just having a website that shows your company logo and talks about what you do. Online marketing is a complete strategy to connect with people who want what you can do. And it can be very profitable if you do it well.

Start your online marketing strategy by asking yourself these questions. Your answers will help you build an online marketing program that will serve you well for many years. (more…)

just say no to promoting counterfeit goods

phone infoYesterday we were contacted by a company looking to promote counterfeit products. I personally have a problem with companies that sell counterfeit goods and so we politely told this potential client to take a hike. Here’s a copy of the e-mail exchange below:

I understand that you sell counterfeit products. We are not interested in selling this type of merchandise. thank you for contacting me,



Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2010 11:54 PM
Subject: i want use google adwords with you


nice to see you . i am find you with google

my website sales products are replica products ( handbags , watchs , shoes..)

i use google adwords auction ads $5000/month or more.

if you can accept our website please tell me thanks

Pay Per Click Management helps businesses remain profitable during economic downturn, says web expert

***For Immediate Release***

money signs imageRENO, Nevada — The head of a local firm that manages pay per click campaigns for law firms, retailers, and service providers, says his clients are remaining profitable despite the economic downturn.

David Chapman, Director of Sales and Marketing of Reno-based Webrageous Studios, specializes in helping firms get the most out of their Internet advertising and marketing – specifically, he fine-tunes their “pay-per-click” advertising to bring in greater numbers of qualified clients and customers. (more…)

Google AdWords Management Sales Job / Pay Per Click Management Sales Employment

keyboardWebrageous is growing and we’re ready to hire a salesperson! Do you have several years experience in sales? Do you have at least a basic understanding of Google AdWords? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit Remember all of our employees work remotely. This is a contract/part-time position with just a few hours of work each month.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Job

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management JobWebrageous is growing! Looking for a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Job? We’re looking to hire another Google AdWords Management expert with at least 2 years experience. If you have the experience in PPC management we’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Webrageous Blog

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Are you interested in obtaining more qualified traffic so customers will convert once they are on your site? As a full service PPC management solution, Webrageous Studios can assist in these areas and many more. Plus, you get a chance to fully harness the power of PPC, including its quick results, instant traffic, paying only when a prospective customer clicks on your ad, the chance to try different keywords, titles, and descriptions.
Our PPC Management Firm Can Help You:

  • Increase your traffic by up to 500%
  • Decrease your cost per conversion up to 80%
  • Increase your lead quality – better qualified prospects
  • Monitor your account for click fraud
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