Increase Your Sales With These Easy Callrail Tips

I just threw together a quick 3 minute video to go over a few really simple tricks in callrail.  In a nutshell just look for short calls/hangups because sometimes those are worth calling back. And remember to use the notes section to document details about each call.

The hangups can result from click to call only, or an ad extension. Sometimes people click on those by accident and then immediately hang up. If you call those people back quickly you can sometimes land a sale.

Good luck!

Increase Live Calls With Google Ads Using Advanced Bid Adjustments

Check out this tutorial on how to boost calls from Google Ads. This is a really easy optimization trick and very effective.

Google Ads Target CPA Bidding Case Studies & How To

Check out this video on the success we’ve seen with Target CPA bidding.

The Best Bankruptcy Attorney Text Ads For AdWords

If you are a bankruptcy attorney already using AdWords or thinking of using it in the future, text ads similar to the following ones will work very well for you and bring you a lot of traffic on your website.

How do we know? First, because we are experts in PPC advertising. Second, those ads are the top performing ads for some of our bankruptcy attorney clients. We achieved a cost per lead of $56 with those ads, so if after running those ads you are still not able to achieve those results, please contact us and we will help you.






Why are those ads top performing?

The ads above contain the following highly important elements that boost their performance:

Calls to action

Calls to actions are very important. You have to invite the reader to do something about his/her situation, somehow creating a situation of emergency.  Bankruptcy is a terrible situation to be in, that’s why calls to action work really well in that industry. You can see in the ads above readers are invited to call the firm. We could even have added the adverbs “Today” or “Now” to create a higher sense of emergency.

Free consultation

People love free things. Of course you can’t offer your full services for free as an attorney (you need to make a living, but also people wouldn’t trust you if you were working for free… in most people’s minds quality work is supposed to cost a lot) but offering a free initial consultation is a great way of attracting clients. People know that attorneys usually cost a lot of money, and sometimes they don’t take that step forward and contact one if they are not sure if their case is worth it and afraid of losing money. Offering a free initial consultation is a great way of reassuring them as they have nothing to lose and they don’t take any risk with that initial consultation. So if you do offer initial consultations for free, make sure to mention it in your ads. And if you don’t, you should probably start thinking of the benefits it might bring you…


Tap into emotion

Bankruptcy is an extremely difficult situation. People facing it have already lost a lot of hope and they certainly don’t want to lose everything. The sentence “Avoid Garnishments & Repossession” in the ads above serves that purpose and invite readers to take action and call an attorney as soon as possible.

Mention of price

Mentioning the price in your ads is very important too. It gives an idea to potential customers of the budget they need in order to use your services. It filters out people who can’t afford that budget: it is pointless that those people click on your ads if they are not potential clients as it will just be unnecessary spend for you. It is better to be absolutely transparent about cost in your ads so that the wrong people do not click on them. You can also use price extensions if you offer different type of services.

Highlight your experience

People only want the best to defend their interests, especially if there are personal belongings and money involved. For that purpose you can mention how many years of experience you have, the number of cases you have worked on, or just say that you are “certified” as one of the ads above states.

Mention of location

People are usually looking for attorneys in their area or not too far from them as they will more than likely have to visit their office. Mentioning the state or the city you are based in, as in the ads above, is helpful for that reason.

Another important element for top performing ads: relevancy

Your ads need to be relevant in order to work. That’s why ad relevancy is a key component to quality score, along with your landing page and keywords.

Make sure to use the most relevant landing page for your ad group, and use keywords in your ad. Another good and easy way to boost your ads performance is to use keyword insertion in your ads.

Writing great ads is not all

Ads are the best way of standing out from your competitors in AdWords. And law firms are an extremely competitive industry. However ads are not everything in AdWords, and if your account contains great ads but the rest of it is poor, it just won’t work.

You also need:

  • a good ad group structure for increased relevance
  • high quality keywords
  • a good set of negatives to filter out irrelevant searches
  • accurate bids
  • a great set of landing pages with useful and accurate information

And setting up a performing AdWords account is only the tip of the iceberg. In order to keep your account healthy and running, you will need ongoing optimization:

  • regular analysis of search query reports, adding new performing keywords and negatives
  • regular analysis of performance and bid adjustment
  • landing pages optimization

AdWords is a long term commitment, and as an attorney you are probably too busy working on your clients’ cases with no time left to take care of your PPC advertising. At Webrageous we know AdWords best practices by heart .We are using those ads and we know for sure you should get a lead (contact form submitted or phone call) for $56 spent on AdWords. So if you can’t manage to get those results, give us a call today at 800-645-9521.

We also encourage you to watch both the testimonial and results videos below!

Images’ Source: Pixabay

Webrageous Offering Free PPC Audit

With Google regularly updating Adwords features and changing their search algorithms, you can’t just “set it and forget it” when it comes to managing campaigns.  Is your agency working hard enough for you?  Or if you’re currently managing your PPC accounts in-house, are you able to dedicate the time it takes to maintain and optimize a successful account along with all your other responsibilities?

If your PPC campaigns are not hitting goals, or you’re questioning if they’re fully optimized, the experts at Webrageous can perform a free audit of your Google Adwords account. Just call us at 800-645-9521 or fill out our contact form at the top or bottom of this page to get started.

Here are some of the ways and pros and cons  of each  that we can do an account review:

  • We can do a screen share. This is one of the best ways because  you will have control over which areas  of your account are viewed.  When you are interviewing p management companies you don’t know if they work for your competitor.  This way a management company can review your account with you and will have no opportunity to download your account.
  • You can send read only access to the email address in the footer.  This is an okay way and gives some protection to the client  because the management company you are interviewing can’t make changes to your account. But  an unscrupulous  management company could  download your account and see all of your best keywords  that they might not have thought of if they are working for a competitor.
  • We can add your account to our MCC. Just send us your AdWords account ID. This is likely the worst way to give access  because it means we could make changes to your account and see all your best  keywords if we are working for one of your competitors .  It is best before a contract is signed to not give someone access this way.

You might want to fill out our contact form or call us to get this setup.

We will review your account top to bottom to highlight missed opportunities and areas for improvement.  This free review will include assessment of the account structure, keyword lists and quality score, ad copy and extensions, bids and budget settings, ad schedule, and geo-targeting.

Here are some of the things we might examine: How granular is the geo-targeting?  When was the ad copy last refreshed?  What device bid modifiers are being used?  How often are bids being adjusted?  Is traffic driving to a relevant landing page?  Has performance improved week-over-week, month-over-month, year-over-year?  These are just some of the questions that will be addressed throughout the free audit.

One way to assess how often changes are being made is to look at Google’s change history, which lists the date of every change made to the account.  The below example shows over 100,000 changes made to one of our accounts in a 30 day period.  This is an excessive  number of changes and as long as you see a few dozen changes each month that may be sufficient enough…  if they are the right changes and if performance is  improving.  If your account  only has three or four changes made a month –  or worse no changes  for several weeks or months –  that is definitely a strong signal  you want to have another management company review your account and provide a proposal.


Although the change history will give you some indication as to how hard your agency is working on your account, only a full audit will bring to light any real missed opportunities.  Webrageous will assess all aspects of the account so you have a clear understanding of how well your account is set up and what the potential is for improvement.

If you’re currently on the fence about hiring a PPC agency or leaving your current agency, know that Webrageous is currently offering a 60 day risk-free trial for full-service Google Adwords management.  This means you can test drive them as an agency for 60 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, you pay nothing.  If you are satisfied, you would then be charged the normal management fee for those first two months.  But there is no long-term contract!

Contact Webrageous today for your free PPC account audit and start taking advantage of more effective campaigns!

Great Way To Monitor Multiple AdWords Accounts

Being able to quickly spot problems across many AdWords accounts is important especially if you work at an agency. When you login to your MCC you can do a date comparison to compare spend and conversions and conversion rate to quickly spot day to day or week to week or month to month how your accounts are doing. Take a look at this screenshot – I think it will make a lot of sense. This was done at the account level – you can also do the same thing at the campaign level to see campaign by campaign what is going on. I think most account managers probably know how to do these comparisons. But it’s a great way to do a daily or weekly or monthly update to make sure you don’t have a campaign or account which is slowly getting worse.

comparing 2 period in adwords

and here is how you would set up the date comparison which I don’t think most readers will need help with but here is the screenshot anyway:
how to do a date comparison in AdWords

AdWords Client Success Stories

Here is an overview of the PPC account performance for the past 6 months for the Memphis Laser Clinic. They do laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and much more. We took over February 3 2017. Monthly lead volume has been 5 times higher the past two months compared to the previous four months, and CPL has been down 85%.  To be honest this is the exception rather than the norm for new clients to see results this good (30%-50%  improvement is usually more realistic). But it shows that it is still possible  in 2017 to generate these kinds of impressive  improvements when you take an account that  hasn’t been professionally managed.  This is why you don’t want to try managing paid search yourself especially if you are spending over $2000 per month.
Before Webrageous:


After Webrageous:


And here are the specific practice areas where we were able to deliver the best results. A conversion is either a contact form submission or a phone call.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal – $643 spent for 43 conversions at $15 cost-per-conversion.
  • Laser Hair Removal – $4,557 spent for 49 conversions at $93 cost-per-conversion.
  • SculpSure – $2,222 spent for 38 conversions at $58 cost-per-conversion.

And here are results for another client, LienItNow – they do mechanics/construction liens for contractors. Below is a summary of their AdWords performance over the past 6 months. Since we started working on their account we’ve increased conversion volume by 291% and lowered the cost-per-conversion by 79%!  We started working with this client in early February 2017 so the last 2 months show our performance.

before and after

In addition for Lien It Now, live calls have greatly increased. Between October 1, 2016 and Jan 31, 2017 (a 4 month period before we started) there were 64 live calls tracked in AdWords. For March 22 to April 20 (just 30 days) there were 67 live calls. So in addition to delivering more calls in 1 month than were generated in the 4 months before we started, the clients ad spend has decreased by about 20%. In September 2016 they had a particularly bad month (before we started): only 9 calls. Now they have over 700% more calls with 20% less spending. Here’s the proof:

Before: Total calls during a 4 month period

After: More calls in 1 month than in all of 4 months before we started.

Can we help you optimize your AdWords account?


Google Changing how Exact Match Functions in Adwords

What’s Changing:

Last Friday, Google announced some changes to the way exact match keywords function in Adwords.  For a few years now, Phrase and Exact match have already included close variants, which are plurals, abbreviations, typos, etc.  Now close variants will expand to cover variations in word order and function words.  This means that Google may ignore or alter the word order and function words of a keyword phrase when determining if an ad should show for an exact match keyword.

Google’s reasoning behind this change is that most similar searches have the same intent, and so broadening the coverage of this match type will allow marketers to reach those additional users without building out and maintaining such exhaustive keyword lists.

Function Words:

Function words encompass prepositions, conjunctions, and articles.  In most cases, these words can be added, removed, or replaced without changing the intent of the query.  For example, a search query for “hotels in las vegas,” could match to the exact match term [hotels las vegas].  Dropping the function word does not alter the meaning or intent of that search.

Examples from Google:

Google example-function words

Word Order:

When it comes to word order, two keywords can often have the same meaning even if the word order is different.  Searches for “Hotels las vegas” and “las vegas hotels” have the same meaning.  Google states that they will not add any words to a keyword nor will they alter word order if it would change the meaning of the search.

Example from Google:

Google example- word order

There are certainly some examples where function words and word order do indeed change the meaning of a search query, such as for airline flight searches.  “Flight from Miami” and “Flight to Miami” are completely different searches.  And “JFK to MIA” and “MIA to JFK” are also not the same search, so Google should still recognize that and keep word order and function words intact in those cases.  However, Google is relying on their artificial intelligence to differentiate when it’s ok to change the word order or function words of a query, and there may likely be a learning curve.

Impact for Advertisers:

Based on initial testing, Google claims that advertisers may see up to 3% more exact match clicks, while maintaining comparable clickthrough and conversion rates.  The impact of this change will likely vary by client, and only time will tell how big this impact will be as it rolls out over the next few months.  All advertisers should monitor their accounts closely over the coming weeks and months, paying particular attention to the performance of exact match keywords.  It will also be important to stay on top of search query reports to catch irrelevant matches and update your negative keyword lists accordingly.  Even a handful of irrelevant matches could add up to significant wasted spend if not caught early.

AdWords update: automated call extensions

Google announced that starting on February 6, 2017 AdWords call extensions will be automated.

What are call extensions?

Call extensions allow advertisers to add a phone number on their ads, giving the possibility to potential customers to call the business directly by just clicking on the ad. Of course the settings allow advertisers to show those extensions only when the business is open or when somebody is actually available to answer the call. It is also possible to set conversion tracking on call extensions and by doing so gathering useful metrics. All this makes call extensions a great feature to add in your AdWords account and we could only recommend advertisers to use them.

What is changing?

Starting on February 6, call extensions will be automated, which mean they will start generating automatically.

How is that possible you wonder? Well, Google will simply use the phone numbers featured on your business landing page.

If you are among the advertisers who feature phone numbers on their landing pages, you have more than likely received a notification email from Google already.

What are the benefits of this automation?

In theory this change is quite positive regarding the more and more mobile connected world we are living in. Google confirmed with the announcement that “This year, mobile search engines are predicted to drive nearly 33 billion clicks-to-call to businesses globally, almost 19% more calls than from mobile pages alone. Using Google call extensions, you can get more calls by making it easy for people to call you right from your mobile search ads.”

This change was therefore decided in order to give advertisers more visibility and make it easier for potential customers to contact them.

How will this affect advertisers already using call extensions?

This change won’t impact advertisers already using call extensions as in this case nothing will change for them. Google has confirmed that if you already have call extensions set up in a campaign, Google will not add other call extensions.

And what about advertisers using dynamically generated Google forwarding numbers instead of their business phone numbers? Google has confirmed too that automated call extensions won’t be generated for now when dynamic phone numbers are detected on the website… I wonder what that “for now” means, it seems that further updates on call extensions are more than likely to follow…

How to opt out of automated call extensions?

If you are however skeptical and not sure that Google is not going to mess up with your dynamic number insertion, or if you just don’t want to pay for calls from your ads, you still have the opportunity to opt out of those automated call extensions.

You can do so before February 6 by following those easy steps:

  • Navigate in the ad extensions tab in your AdWords account
  • Select “Automated extensions report”
  • Expand the “Automated extensions options (advanced)” and click on “Edit”
  • Select “Do not use specific automated extensions for this account”
  • Select the option to prevent the creation of “Automatic call extensions” and click “Save”

Automated Call Extensions

If you want to opt out of automated call extensions after February 6, you will need to go in your call extensions tab and remove the ones that might have been created.

Other related changes announced recently.

It seems that Google is concerned by call extensions a lot lately, as a few days before they also announced that starting on January 19, local phone numbers associated with a business location will be showed when location extensions are displayed, even if a different phone number is set up in call extensions.

Advertisers shouldn’t be panicking though as this will only happen when the location extensions are displayed (most advertisers won’t probably notice any significant changes), and it does make sense in order to make sure the information is consistent between paid ads and organic results.

However the problem with this change is that advertisers will lose the ability to track those calls as conversions.

Advertisers should now first review their Google My Business listings and make sure that each location displays the accurate phone number.

And if you are still not happy with this change and you realize it will affect you too much, you can submit a form before January 19 in order to opt out of local numbers being showed in location extensions.

After January 19 you will still have the option to unlink your Google My Business account from your AdWords account in order to avoid local phone numbers to display.


Image source: Google

When Does Pay Per Click Advertising Not Work?

Not many advertising agencies that manage paid search like to write about this. But there are times when paid search doesn’t work.

The trick is knowing why paid search is failing your business. In some cases it’s because of tremendous competition and low barriers to entry. Other times it’s because your PPC management agency isn’t very good. We won’t try to cover the reasons for a failure due to poor management. But rather go into some scenarios where PPC just doesn’t work.

  • The first scenario where we see a lot of failures are when you have low barriers to entry, and hundreds of competitors where location doesn’t matter. Take credit card processing. It’s not that hard to set up a firm doing credit card processing. There are hundreds of companies doing this nationwide. Your PPC account has to be perfect and your website perfect and your business reputation and your salespeople and you’re on boarding of new clients and your rates have to be the lowest…otherwise it’s going to be very hard to compete. And as of February 2016 there are no more than four ads at the top of a desktop search and none on the right-hand side. there are only so many keywords that drive substantial traffic in this industry: credit card processing, open a merchant account, debit card processing, process credit cards, plus a handful of others.

  • Low-margin or low price products are difficult. if you’re trying to sell something for $20 or less then paid search might not be the way to go. Let’s say in your industry clicks are only one dollar. And let’s say you have a good conversion rate of 5%. It will take 20 clicks at $1 each to sell that $20 Trinket. Not exactly a path to riches. Paid search is likely going to be a failure in your case.

  • Industries where you have substantial competition from nationwide lead aggregators. Plumbers and locksmiths would be one example where you will find nationwide companies that bid on PPC and then sell the leads. so not only do you have to compete against local competitors but you could also be competing against large corporations who are adding several zeros to the end of your marketing budget and analyzing every factor of their paid search accounts and websites. It’s hard to compete against that.

  • Affiliates. There are lots of rules that make it hard to advertise as an affiliate on the top paid search platforms. Thankfully the dozens of calls we used to get from affiliates have stopped along with the dozens of calls we were getting from tech support companies in India who were banned and were scrambling to find someone to get them online again.

  • Paid search only works (for search and search partners) when people can search for a keyword to find your product or service. For new products that people haven’t heard about if there aren’t keywords to define your product then you have to look for other ways to market your product or service. Or try the display network.

Paid search still works for lots of businesses. We’ve always seen tremendous success for law firms especially in personal injury, family law and pharmaceutical liability. Our specialty e-commerce clients are doing well – especially sectors with high barriers to entry where you need a large inventory and you don’t have too many competitors.

We are always happy to give your honest opinion of whether we can help you or not. We don’t want to waste your time and it makes our reputation look bad if we take on a client that doesn’t have a high probability of being successful.

How to Choose a Google AdWords Management Agency

There are many factors to consider when hiring an agency to manage your paid search campaigns. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Who will be managing my campaign? how much experience do they have? Can I speak with them before I sign up? You don’t want the most experienced person in the firm to sell you on how great their service is and then get stuck with someone with six months experience.
  • how many accounts does my account manager manage? If the answer is more than about 20 then you might want to explore other alternatives where you will get more personalized attention. If your account manager is managing 80 accounts than that is 30 minutes a week to optimize your account.

  • With Skype screen share or or another screen sharing service can I see the change history for several accounts that you manage? See how many times a month someone is making changes to the account. If you only see changes made three or four times a month and it’s only five or 10 changes or fewer each time then there accounts are essentially on autopilot. And if you only see a half-dozen changes or fewer a-month then you definitely want to look elsewhere.

  • Definitely check out the reputation of the agency you are hiring. Find their Better Business Bureau profile and search for the name of their firm plus the word complaints.

  • Using a screen sharing program quiz the person who will actually manage your account. Have them show you the remarketing list for one of their clients in Google AdWords. If they can’t find it that’s a huge red flag as remarketing is one of the most profitable campaigns you can set up for your clients. Next, ask them to show you how to change the mobile bid adjustment in AdWords. it is not uncommon that mobile will perform vastly differently than desktop so a top agency should know how to direct more traffic towards either desktop or mobile. Ask the agency to show you where in Google AdWords you can set up click to call only. And last ask them to segment traffic by device over the past 30 days. All of these are very easy tasks for any agency. These are not curveball questions.

  • Do you offer a risk-free trial or a money back guarantee?

At Webrageous most account managers have more than five years experience and each account manager typically manages 10 or fewer accounts. We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. And we encourage you to check out our 60 day risk-free trial. there is no setup fee and no long-term contract for most clients.

60 Day Trial for Google AdWords management

Webrageous is excited to announce a new 60 day trial for PPC management. We know no one else in the industry offering a free trial of this length for full-service Google AdWords management. Here are the details.

Why Doing PPC Yourself Can Equal Disaster

Paid search seems so deceptively simple, how could you go wrong by doing PPC yourself? All that’s needed is a basic AdWords account and profile, a payment set-up with any major credit card, and small one-time set-up fee. With roughly 15 minutes of preparation, anyone can write an ad and trigger a basic PPC campaign. Then you just sit back and watch the money pour in, right?


Oh, if it were only that simple. Many, many business owners have wasted their entire marketing budgets by assuming PPC were a basic trial and error experience. Consider each of your paid search campaigns to be like a high-end car; they need maintenance, care, and attention. If you ignore any warning signs that something might be wrong, things can get painfully expensive.

Because PPC is brimming with hidden complexities and potentially pricey trappings, working with an expert firm can save valuable dollars and heaps of time and effort. To help you understand the dangers of going it alone, we’ve outlined all the crucial factors involved in a successful campaign below. If reading this list feels overwhelming, don’t fret; finding a PPC partner is less expensive than you might think, and it will simplify your life and help make your business the success it deserves to be.


Market Research

Most business owners have a deep understanding of their business, and a solid awareness of the industry as a whole. But the more intimately you know your competitors’ PPC campaigns, the more competitive you can, in turn, become. Who doesn’t like beating top competitors at their own game? This takes a tremendous amount of time and effort; competitive landscapes are tricky to analyze, and trends change so quickly, it is truly a daunting task to keep your finger on the pulse of the market’s current trajectories.


Keyword Expertise

The selection of keywords to target in any PPC campaign is absolutely crucial to success. Proper determination of keywords involves a comprehensive understanding of your business, the overall niche and industry, and current search trends enacted by actual customers looking for your goods and services. Many entrepreneurs assume they have an instinctual understanding of what keywords are appropriate for their business, but without that data to back up those assumptions, people waste money on keywords that are either not actually searched for often or are not relevant to the exact things they’re attempting to sell. A good PPC partner has the tools to analyze real-time data, and can in turn help you correctly target keywords from day one. This is extremely important when it comes to saving costs on tests and assumptions that are miles away from your target.


Determining an Appropriate Budget

One of the most complicated nuances to a paid search campaign is computing the right pay-per-click (which is what PPC stands for!) A well-executed PPC plan has a balance of cost that draws in the targeted audience, and in turn actually generates conversions and sales for the business. As you can imagine, it’s not uncommon for PPC campaigns to generate higher traffic, but without careful strategizing before the launch about the quality of this traffic, the price per click may be wasted on unqualified leads, or visitors that don’t contribute to the company’s bottom line. This is a very common DIY mistake in paid search, and another prime reason you should consult an expert.


Data Analysis

Finally, there’s the all-important task of analyzing a given campaign’s metrics. Understanding the story PPC data is telling is no easy task, and it varies as the campaign increases in longevity. Having the awareness to know when to stay consistent or shift tactics takes a tremendous amount of experience and paid search knowledge. It also requires analysis by someone who is current on tools and trends in the space; two traits that most business owners don’t have the time to conquer.

Paid search is a dicey, ever-changing landscape, which is why the DIY approach is so dangerous. If you’re a rare business owner who has spare time to devote to becoming a campaign expert, and it’s your passion to do so, that’s a beautiful thing. But for most entrepreneurs, all aspects of marketing are better left to the experts, or budgets are blown with little to no results. Paid search has an incredible ability to get positive results for your company in record time, but not if you make a continuous string of rookie mistakes.


Holiday Thank You Notes From Our Clients

At Webrageous we have a lot to be thankful for this year with a successful 2013 almost behind us. We’re very thankful for the dedicated account managers who have helped us grow and for the clients who support us. Here are a few words of thanks that we have received over the past week:


THANK YOU so much for the delicious gift! Everyone in the office is already diving in head first!

We sincerely appreciate you guys and are happy to be back on board with Webrageous! I hope you and the team have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to prosperous 2014 together!

Thanks again!!


Got your Holiday gift and thank you so much. Very thoughtful.
You folks have done great for us.
I just wanted to thank you for the gift you sent from the bakery.  That King Cake is delicious.  I also wanted to thank you for continuing to provide such excellent service to me over the past 3-4 years.  It has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing to work together in 2014.  Happy Holidays to you.
Thanks guys!  That bad boy was gone so quick.  Happy Holidays.

The Real Key to a Strong AdWords Campaign

Strong AdWords CampaignIf you are reading this article then you are probably already aware that Google AdWords is one of the best methods of boosting conversions for your business. What you might be less aware of is the importance of combining this with top quality Google AdWords management.

How do you produce a strong AdWords campaign?

Here are a few reasons why Google AdWords management should be at the top of your list in terms of running a successful AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords management means constant support.

With Google AdWords management, you never have to go through it alone. There are many nuances to running a strong AdWords campaign and your management team will ensure that these are taken care of and perfected. Google AdWords requires a high degree of knowledge and training and without expert support you could find that achieving success is limited. But with Google AdWords management you will have support all the way through.

Google AdWords management means sticking to a budget.

There is no reason why you should have to go over your budget if you have a strong AdWords campaign run by a great management team. The great thing about Google AdWords is that it can work with any budget as long as the managers of the campaigns know what they are doing. By outsourcing Google AdWords management you will have a team of experts who can deliver your business’ desired results without going over budget.

Google AdWords management will make sure your campaign is highly targeted.

Advertisers that choose to manage their own campaigns often find themselves being outbid by larger competitors. Google AdWords management will make sure your campaigns are highly targeted using the relevant tools on Google AdWords. This will increase your chances of marketing your products or services directly to those people who are seeking them and significantly reduce spending that is not resulting in conversions.

Google AdWords management will allow you to concentrate on running your business.

Google AdWords management is time consuming and requires a great deal of training and experience. By outsourcing Google AdWords management you are not only freeing yourself up from time spent researching and managing strong AdWords campaigns, but you are also able to get back to what you are good at – running your business. There is no point in having an unbelievably strong AdWords campaign if your business suffers in the meantime.
Therefore, you have to make sure you seek out the experts in Google AdWords management to run your business’ advertising campaigns. Google AdWords management specialist Webrageous is more than happy to have a look over your business’ advertising needs and give you a strong AdWords campaign.
Give us a call today at 800-645-9521 to find out how we can turn around your struggling advertising measures into a strong AdWords campaign. We can provide you with a free quote.
You might also want to read this article on how Webrageous continues to excel at providing top quality Google AdWords management to businesses in need of an advertising facelift. The article is entitled The Best in Google AdWords Management.

Who is the Best in Google AdWords Management for Hotels?

Why do you need to advertise your hotel via Google AdWords Pay Per Click? The answer is simple…

When a potential hotel guest is searching the Internet to find a hotel to stay in during their vacation, it is incredibly likely that they will search for that hotel via Google. If your hotel is not being advertised via Google AdWords, you are losing out on a lot of customers.

Google is one of the most popular search engines, if not the most popular and this is why investing in Google AdWords Advertising is essential for any kind of business hoping to expand its client reach in the 21st Century. This is particularly true for the hotel industry because it is even more likely that your potential client will be using Google to search for a place to stay whilst on vacation. (more…)

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Taking the Leap from Small to Large AdWords Campaigns

Large AdWords CampaignsIf you are handling the Google AdWords Management of a small campaign within your business, you might find that things have been running smoothly.
When your business is doing well thanks to your Google AdWords campaign, you might be thinking of setting up a larger campaign. If it was smooth sailing for the other campaign why shouldn’t it be the same for this one?
You might even have someone who is not a Google AdWords Management expert managing your large AdWords campaign and are thinking of putting it in their hands.
Be careful. The Google AdWords Management of large AdWords campaigns is not as easy as it might seem. Here’s why:

One Small Step for Managing Small Google AdWords Campaigns

Managing small Google AdWords campaigns is fairly straightforward. While the best results always come from an expert in Google AdWords Management, the simpler campaigns can be handled by someone without experience and achieve satisfactory results.
In order to achieve successful Google AdWords Management of simple campaigns, you can follow the steps by reading Google AdWords’ handbook. Choose a few keywords, the right advertisement text, click all the buttons, optimize your landing page and you’re set.
Of course, you have to decide if you’re happy with satisfactory Google AdWords results or are after the best results. Even in small Google AdWords campaigns, you’re always better to choose a firm experienced in Google AdWords Management. They will ensure your advertisements achieve top rankings and clicks turn into conversions.
Webrageous Studios is an expert in Google AdWords Management and can achieve the best results for your Google AdWords campaigns.

One Giant Leap for Managing Large AdWords Campaigns

When it comes to managing large AdWords campaigns, the steps should be the same as for small campaigns, right? Wrong.
When managing small campaigns you can organize keywords into ad groups, separate the keyword themes, and focus on writing quality advertisement text.
But when it comes to managing of large AdWords campaigns, this is not going to work as there will be too much information to handle. You might have to look at using Google AdWords’ tool for managers of large campaigns – AdWords Editor.
To successfully manage a large AdWords campaign, you will need to start off by putting the information into groups of variables, such as campaign name, ad group name, and keyword. This will get you ready for the first step in Google AdWords Management of entering the data into AdWords Editor. You will then need to set your bids, your budget, and other settings.
To find out more about using AdWords Editor and why it might be better to use a Google AdWords Management expert to manage large AdWords campaigns, have a look at this article by Webrageous.
Creating and managing large AdWords campaigns is not an easy feat by any means. While AdWords Editor is there to help things easier for when you decide to attempt Google AdWords Management on large campaigns, it is also not an easy tool to use efficiently.
That’s where your Google AdWords Management expert comes in. Leave the stresses of managing large Google AdWords campaigns to Webrageous. Our account managers are Google AdWords qualified to provide the best results for your Google AdWords campaigns.

Updates to Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements

If Pay Per Click Advertisers should understand anything about Google AdWords Pay Per Click, they should understand that new Pay Per Click tools and features are developed constantly to improve both Pay Per Click Advertiser and Pay Per Click Customer experience. In recent weeks, Google AdWords Pay Per Click Developments have focused predominantly on Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements.
Webrageous Studios stays abreast of all developments in Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management and makes a point of keeping its Pay Per Click Advertising Clients up to date too through this Pay Per Click Blog and various articles published daily on its website. Webrageous knows that constant updates in Pay Per Click Management are important to its clients and readers because Google AdWords makes a lot of changes to its service and it can be difficult to keep up without the support of a Pay Per Click Expert.
The updates to the Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements are very useful to all Pay Per Click Advertisers in the US and Webrageous Studios wants to make sure that its Pay Per Click Clients are fully aware of the different tools and features that are available as soon as possible. The updates highlighted in this post today have been selected because Webrageous Studios feels that they would be useful to many of its clients and their respective Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns.
The developments to Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements are as follows: (more…)

Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements

google adwords product listing advertisementsDo you remember when Google AdWords announced that its new Product Listing Advertisements were available to all Pay Per Click Advertisers to use within their Google AdWords Campaigns?

If not, let’s give you a quick recap…

Understanding Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements

Product Listing Advertisements via Google AdWords are advertisements which allow Pay Per Click Advertisers to bid on product-related keywords. Therefore, if you are a florist and you specialize in flower arrangements for funerals, you might want to bid on keywords such as “funeral flowers,” “funeral Bouquets,” or even “funeral wreaths,” as an example.


When you bid on these keywords and you create your Google AdWords Advertisement, the Google Adwords Product Listing Feature will allow you to place a picture of your product next to the text section of the advertisement, which is clearly even more enticing for a potential customer. Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements can help a business to generate higher CTRs thanks to their particular style and layout.


Now that we are up to date with what the Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisement actually is, it will make even more sense as to why the ability to be able to use negative keywords alongside these advertisements will allow Pay Per Click Advertisers to optimize their Pay Per Click Campaigns even further.

Using Negative Keywords with Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements

Naturally, if you are a florist specializing in funeral flowers, possible negative keywords that you might want to invest in would be “wedding flowers,” “valentines flowers” or maybe even “thank you bouquets.”


Clearly, the thought that goes into the choice of negative keywords demands a lot of consideration and time, but the fact that Google AdWords has made this feature readily available is already a step in the right optimization direction for all Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns.


If you need some help in the selection of negative keywords for your Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements, or for any kind of Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisement come to that, do not hesitate in contacting Webrageous Studios directly today as we will be able to help you. All of our Pay Per Click Managers are highly experienced and Google AdWords Certified.


Finally, if you want to find out more about using Google AdWords Product Listing Advertisements in your Pay Per Click Campaign, Webrageous Studios would again be more than happy to hear from you to talk you through the various options available.