11 Russians spies and their various operations, in something amazingly fit for the likes of a gripping 007 novel, were uncovered in the States only a few days ago. Among the 11 strong informants was the red-haired beauty worthy of a front-page spot in Vogue Magazine, Anna Chapman.
The 28 year old divorcee had been passing information to her contact in the Russian government since January, according to sources. Anna Chapman had a successful online real-estate business in Manhattan and lived in a top notch apartment in New York´s Financial District.
To make things clear however, Webrageous Studios Director of Marketing, David Chapman, though blessed with the same last name and the same head of strikingly gorgeous red locks, has never worked in secret for the Russian government and has absolutely no intention of doing so in the future either.
The two photographs below of David Chapman, Webrageous Studios´ Director of Marketing, and Anna Chapman, Russian spy, do suggest a number of possible DNA similarities. Both Chapmans are incredibly good looking! Therefore, one could be forgiven for thinking that there was some kind of family connection between the two in light of this resemblance. However, the facts remain the same. Anna Chapman and David Chapman are not related, by blood nor by marriage.

Anna Chapman
David Chapman

The online reputation of Webrageous Studios is incredibly important and the company has taken a number of years to build up this reputation. Therefore, all possible associations that could connect its Director of Marketing, David Chapman, to the equally immaculate-looking Russian spy, Anna Chapman, must be put to rest from here on in. Indeed, the credibility of The PPC Management World in general depends upon the acceptance of this fact.
The company also wishes to state that there is absolutely no connection between David Chapman and Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon, either. In fact, the possible connection that could be drawn between the two Chapmans has been worrying those working for Webrageous Studios for a while now and we are at last very happy to be able to set the record straight.
It is true that both Webrageous Studios chairman, David Chapman, and Mark David Chapman, John Lennon´s assassinator, were both living in New York during the year of the John Lennon shooting, but this is where the connections stop.
If you think that any part of this post was written for any other reason other than as a joke, then you have disappointed us greatly. We hope instead that you have been chuckling quietly to yourselves thanks to our little attempt at blogging sarcasm.
PPC Managers, contrary to what you might think, are incredible pranksters…
…when we want to be, that is!