avoid a Google AdWords banThis article highlights three of the main ways of avoiding a Google AdWords Ban. Webrageous Studios recommends that you take on board everything that the article shares below so as to avoid creating a problem for yourself that then becomes difficult to reverse.

if you already have a policy issue or a banned account please read our article on Google banned accounts and the prognosis for reversing that and how we may be able to help

If you are doing anything with your Google AdWords Account that you should not be doing, Google has the full right to suspend your account. In the event of a suspension, it may be difficult or impossible to get your account reinstated. It is not impossible to reinstate a Google AdWords Banned Account, but it is not an easy task by any means. Therefore…

…Take heed!

Do not download and then re-upload Google AdWords “Slapped” Campaigns.

Firstly, what is a slapped campaign?

A slapped campaign is exactly what it sounds like. It is the term used to describe a campaign that has been slapped by Google. In other words, it is a campaign that has received a warning. When Google slaps your campaign, something is not right with it. It is violating or pushing the limits of Google’s TOS (terms of service) to the very edge and someone at Google is not happy with what you are doing.

When a campaign is slapped, your advertisements will simply stop being shown, no matter how high you bid.

What is the hint for avoiding a complete Google AdWords Ban?

TAKE THE WARNING and STOP what you are doing! you want to read the email you have received from Google thoroughly and make sure your changes comply completely before resubmitting your ads or keywords.

e00015191Google does not like your campaign for some reason. It has slapped it and decided to stop showing your advertisements. Therefore, accept the slap and move on.

DO NOT buy another domain, copy and paste the “slapped” campaign and then upload it onto that new site. If there really is something about this campaign that violates the Google TOS, then this campaign is eventually going to be “slapped” for a second, maybe a third, fourth or fifth time, depending on how foolish you really are being.

Google will be monitoring your activities and if you continue to work with campaigns in this fashion, it is possible that you could receive a Google AdWords Ban. Instead of re-uploading a slapped campaign, work on improving the quality of the original campaign the first time that it gets a slap. Look at your campaign carefully and analyze what could possibly be wrong with it.

What is obviously clear, however, is that you shouldn’t ignore the situation. Build upon a slapped campaign’s weaknesses and in this way do all that you can to avoid a Google AdWords Ban.

Products and Services that violate Google’s TOS

The hand which is going to wave the diceEven though many of the reasons why Google may decide that your campaign is violating its TOS are unknown, the selling or promotion of certain products or services could be something that Google is concerned about.

For example, PPC Advertisers who wish to promote products such as tobacco have in the past experienced problems with their accounts. Again, speculation from careful monitoring of Banned Campaigns is the only evidence fueling this idea at present, but these speculations may help shed at least a little light on the issue in some way.

Do not ignore Google TOS or Google Rules

Google has gone to the trouble of making its TOS available to everyone. The AdWords rules and regulations are made very clear through Google’s own dedicated web pages. Therefore, the simplest thing to do to make sure that you do not receive a Google AdWords Ban is to follow these rules.

Basically… do as you are told!

It may well be more profitable in the short term to try ignoring or stretching the guidelines that Google outlines with reference to the use of Google AdWords, but in the long run it is simply not worth running the risk.

Imagine what you would do if you suddenly lost all the power to advertise online… Imagine the amount of business you might lose as a result. Even worse… imagine if your foolish attempt at a get-rich-quick scheme as a PPC Account Manager resulted in the loss of a Google AdWords account belonging to your PPC client!

Be honest at all times, ignore the urge to make more money in a short space of time and play by Google’s rules. If you have been banned by Google please contact us. In some circumstances we have been successful in getting an account reinstated. And under some conditions we can do it where we are only paid in the event we succeed in reinstating your account.