How To Avoid AdWords Suspension

How To Avoid AdWords Suspension

If you are unaware of how to avoid AdWords Suspension, you could find yourself locked out of the world’s most successful online Pay Per Click Advertising scheme.
Avoid Adwords Suspension
Google AdWords is available to any business – small or large – that wishes to advertise its product or service or merely get people to visit its website. The fact that Google decided to open this tool up to the world means that the chances of people abusing this method are real.

Which is why Google AdWords’ policies on what can earn an AdWords Suspension or Ban, and the enforcing of those policies, are necessarily strict. It is very important to Google AdWords that users of its search engines have the best customer experience possible.

So here are few tips on how to Avoid AdWords Suspension:

1. Don’t open an account until you are absolutely ready.

Considering that the most common mistake in receiving an AdWords Suspension is ignorance, do not open a Google AdWords account until you are aware of all the rules.

Read Google Adwords’ landing page and site policy guidelines from top to bottom. Make sure that you are aware of everything you need to do to avoid an AdWords Suspension.

If you have already opened a Google AdWords account, then go back to the guidelines and read them again thoroughly. If you have already done this, read on.

2. Don’t open multiple accounts.

Unless you are a large advertiser with various divisions, be very careful when considering opening multiple Google AdWords accounts. One of the most common reasons for AdWords Suspension is targeting the same keyword to different URLs.

Advertisers who decide to run the same promotion across different accounts to different sites could receive an AdWords Suspension. Even if your intentions are genuine in creating multiple accounts, there is a chance that you might create crossovers or promotions that are very similar.

3. Avoid certain topics.

There are some topics that Google AdWords is very strict about – such as gambling – that will almost certainly result in an AdWords Suspension. Find out what the topics are and then avoid them at all costs.

If one of your products or services is included in the topics likely to receive an AdWords Suspension, then consider another advertising method. Otherwise, contact a Google AdWords expert to find out how to incorporate the product or service into your campaign.

Following these simple tips will help avoid AdWords Suspension and ensure that your advertisements can continue to be shown on the world’s best rating Pay Per Click Advertising system, Google AdWords.

However, if you should find yourself with an AdWords Suspension, all is not lost. Webrageous Studios is an expert in reinstating an account that has been banned by Google, so contact us with your particular situation immediately.